“You are joy, looking for a way to express. —Esther Hicks

Are you focused on the right things while manifesting your biggest desires?

When we talk about manifesting, so many people immediately think of money. Especially if you’re working on manifesting abundance. 

Remember: Abundance can be a plethora of anything. By focusing on joy, rather than on physical objects, abundance can show up for us in ways that we never even dreamed!

In this live episode of The Elevated Life®, you’ll learn the BIGGEST manifesting mistake you’re making when it comes to getting what you want.

We are always manifesting.

Whether you like it or not, you are always manifesting. That is why it’s so important to understand how the process works.

Everything that you currently have is something that you have manifested. Yes, even that job that you complain about all of the time! At one point, you desired that job and brought it into reality. 

So often, we fail to realize that everything has its time and place in our life. When something in our life no longer reflects our soul desires, it’s time to re-manifest.

Knowing what you want is only the first step

In order to manifest something that you want, it is important to be specific. However, if you’re super clear about what it is that you want, if you are desiring something to change, you have to change the way that you’re thinking and acting. 

If you start to think in a new way, you will start to act in a new way. Action is the key ingredient to manifesting! When you take action, you begin moving energy in a while that will attract your desires right to you. 

Think of it this way: Imagine that you have to move a huge boulder. At first, it takes so much energy to get that boulder moving, but once it starts rolling, it’s effortless!

The biggest manifestation mistake we see people make.

If you’re only trying to manifest a physical object, like a new house or a new car, you will wind up disappointed.

The key is focusing on the feeling that you desire. When you choose feeling joy or pleasure over a physical object, you create a much more powerful shift that will ultimately result in manifesting more abundance than you even thought possible!

We have to stop focusing on manifesting the wrong things. Let’s say that you manifested that car that you desired. After some time, that feeling of excitement will wear off and you will begin to feel defeated. 

If you choose to focus on feelings like joy and satisfaction instead of physical objects, you will find that the physical things that you desire (or things you didn’t even know you desired) will automatically come to you.

In this episode, we also talked about:

💜 Finding joy in dark times.

💜 Why you need to examine your thoughts, especially during times of stress.

💜 How tragedy and trauma can make us re-examine what’s important.

💜 How to stop manifesting things that you don’t want

Tune in and let us know in the comments below which tips you’re going to put into practice.

When you think about abundance (especially money), how do you feel?

Does it cause you stress, anxiety, or make you uncomfortable?

Does voicing the fact that you want more make you feel guilty?

That’s the case for most of us. And because of that, we’ve grown to accept less than what we truly deserve and want.

We set up invisible thought barriers that block our excellence.

This month inside The Elevated Life® membership club, we’re going to help you eliminate the internal conflict surrounding all the possibilities in your life so you can magnetize your desires.

Abundance isn’t just about money. It’s about everything. It’s about your time, your relationships, and your love.

We know you are worthy of your BEST life, and to do that, you’re going to have to master manifesting.

In this masterclass you’ll discover:

💸 The 3 Scientific Steps to Manifesting
💸 7 Blocks that Prevent You from Attracting Abundance
💸 Step-by-step Meditation to Activate Your Inner Genie
💸 How to Rewire Old Poverty and Scarcity Beliefs
💸 Where You MUST Shift Your Focus to Gain Prosperity
💸 Plus the best resources and tools for getting more with less effort, experiencing miracles, and turning your thoughts into reality

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