“You are meant to shine.” – Brittney Carmichael

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we're sharing "The Shine School Guide to Reclaiming Your Power" so you can reclaim your power and confidently manifest your soul's dreams in just six weeks. If you are ready to discover your passions, embrace self-care, and build a supportive community around you, then you'll love this episode!

It’s time to reclaim your power!

After working behind the chair of my luxury vegan salon OMGhairstyles for over 15 years, I’ve spent most of my life listening to how women think and feel about themselves. We do all this work on the outside, trying to make our hair look just like the Pinterest picture, but we fall flat on taking the same amount of care for how we feel on the inside. 

When I had this realization after hundreds of conversations with women in my chair, I buckled down and created my signature program, Shine School, which has helped almost 5,000 women over the last seven years transform their fear into faith and belief in themselves.

So, I’m sharing all of this with you because we are opening the doors to Shine School today. I also had the pleasure of re-connecting with one of our students, Julia, who took the course eight years ago and find out how it has shaped her journey to becoming an actress and an author.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “The Shine School Guide to Reclaiming Your Power” so you can reclaim your power and confidently manifest your soul’s dreams in just six weeks. If you are ready to discover your passions, embrace self-care, and build a supportive community around you, then you’ll love this episode!

Tune in to hear:

✨ The story of how my mom’s stroke in 2012 was a catalyst for my own self-discovery and reclaiming my power

✨ How Shine School’s lessons from 8 years ago have still transformed Julia’s confidence and ability to overcome self-doubt today

✨ The ongoing personal growth and learning Julia has experienced beyond completing Shine School in 2015

✨ Why Julia revisits the Shine School modules every year and reflects on the lessons inside

✨ How you can join this current round of Shine School before doors close

The Shine School Guide to Reclaiming Your Power

Discovering Your Passions

One fundamental aspect of Shine School is guiding you toward your passions. So many of us find ourselves at a loss when it comes to identifying and pursuing what truly lights our soul on fire. That’s why I created an entire module to help you uncover your unique gifts, talents, and interests, so you can gain clarity about what brings you joy and fulfillment in life.

Julia’s Shift in Self-Acceptance Since Graduating from Shine School 7 Years Ago

“Reflecting back now, a big impact is, I’m not harsh on myself anymore. I feel like I’m having an easier time forgiving myself. Celebrating the wins, accomplishments and not feeling less than anymore. I’m proud of myself, and I don’t feel like it’s a brag anymore. A lot of people can’t say they wrote a book or they’re doing acting. A lot of people would have given up. But for me, just always remembering my motto, my values, is inspiring myself and others. That’s something I always go back to.”

Cultivating Self-Care

Self-care is a crucial element of personal growth and reclaiming your power. To be fully in our power, you have to learn how to fill your own cup up without relying on validation from others. Thats why inside Shine School we spend so much time feeling into how to nurture ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

How the Shine School Sisterhood Created Life Long Friends for Julia

“I needed that community because that’s what I was lacking. Because at 22, my mom and my brother moved down south. So I was still going through that transition stage of like, damn, I’m alone. I feel like for me, it was more of like a release, and it was more of me coming into myself and being more dependent and grasping onto the community, asking for help and asking for the support. And to this day, I still talk to some of my Shine School sisters.

Unleashing Your Authentic Voice

Part of the self-discovery journey is coming back to your creative self-expression by tapping into the power of vulnerability so you can break free from self-doubt, and step into true power. Julia initially was holding herself back due to self-doubt and comparison. But now, she has acted in short films, released songs on Spotify, and even authored a book.

Highlights from The Shine School Guide to Reclaiming Your Power

[02:46] How Brit’s mission to spread light began from conversations with clients in the hair salon.

[05:36] The question Brit started asking her hair salon clients that unlocked everything she does now as a coach.

[10:52] The experience that caused everything to click for Brit to realize what she was meant to do in life.

[16:57] The topics Brit knew she wanted to cover within the Shine School curriculum.

[[22:17] Experiences from women of all ages who have changed their life since graduating from Shine School.

[26:23] The expert interviews from Rebecca Campbell, Lori Harder, Mel Wells, and George Lizos inside of Shine School.

[35:44] Julia’s initial skepticism towards self-help, but how starting her journey still has a lasting impact eight years later.

[42:45] How graduating from Shine School helped Julia feel more confident and be able to pursue acting, music, and release a book. 

[45:50] What lesson from Shine School Julia is most proud of for integrating into her life. 

[55:11] How you can enroll in Shine School before doors close.

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Sick of fighting with your inner mean girl?

If fear and your inner mean girl have been running the show, now’s the time to go within and learn to love your AUTHENTIC SELF. 🦄

For over a decade, I’ve coached thousands of women to cultivate unshakable confidence and courage to go after their dreams and now it’s your time to SHINE!

I’ve taken years of personal experience through my spiritual awakening process paired with teachings from our greatest thought-leaders (like Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, and Brené Brown) and created this course to help you navigate the sometimes “lonely” inward journey of peeling back the layers to discover your authentic self.

There is no magic pill for self-love, so I created Shine School instead. 

Learning to love yourself is not an easy process that doesn’t happen overnight. With that in mind, Shine School was created to help support your awakening to uncovering your unique sparkle magic and facing your fears. ✨

Shine School is perfect for you if you’re ready to…

🌟 Stop second guessing and self-sabotaging when things start getting good

🌟 Eliminate self-doubt so you can feel comfortable in your own skin

🌟 Remove unhealthy patterns of people-pleasing and release negative blocks and limiting beliefs

🌟 Have clarity on your life’s purpose and passions and how to manifest more of it

🌟 Feel empowered to take consistent inspired action by learning to trust your intuition

🌟 Be held accountable to grow and transform your darkness by a close community of soul sisters and Lightworkers

🌟 Feel an energetic release of past pain, stress, and unhealed forgiveness

🌟 Understand how to set boundaries and protect your energy from “bad vibes” (Hello empaths!)

🌟 Make a deep and lasting connection with your soul so you no longer feel lost or insecure

If you’re ready to put FEAR aside so you can confidently go after your dreams then Shine School is the CHANGE you’ve been looking for. No more feeling LOST!

Once you join us you’ll be one step closer to fully loving and accepting your authentic self so you can share your unique gifts with the world!

Stop doubting yourself, invest in your future, and have the courage to go after your wildest dreams because you are here for a reason and you are meant to SHINE!

Let’s make magic together!


When you think about your favorite memories in life, do you notice they all have one thing in common…

…it’s you.

That’s because you’re with you all of the time. 

The good days, the rough days, and every other.

How you treat yourself determines who you show up as (or don’t).

It’s the basis for every single other relationship including the blueprint for how other people should and will treat you.

And it’s not just about saying positive things repetitively you don’t believe either. It’s about connecting with yourself in a deeper way and reigniting a relationship that needs regular attention and care.

Falling in love with yourself is the cornerstone to true happiness and fulfillment. 

That’s why we we’re excited to help you get back into your heart and fill your own cup in the Self-Love Masterclass 🚀

This month you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to immediately start a life long obsession with yourself
  • How to overcome body image issues
  • An easy way to put an end to habitual, negative thinking patterns
  • 5 strategies for defeating guilt, shame, and fear for good
  • Our daily Self-Love playbook
  • Plus 3 powerful, guided meditations to integrate all the training

Join us inside The Elevated Life Club to access this training plus live monthly group coaching, yoga and meditation practice, plus access over 60+ on demand trainings to help you in your personal development. Get started for only $7!

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we're sharing "The Shine School Guide to Reclaiming Your Power" so you can reclaim your power and confidently manifest your soul's dreams in just six weeks. If you are ready to discover your passions, embrace self-care, and build a supportive community around you, then you'll love this episode!


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