Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again.” -Lalah Delia

10 Reasons You Should Attend a Retreat to Spend Time with Your Soul

We’ve all seen the pictures – happy, smiling women in beautiful flowy clothes, standing arm-in-arm on a beach or on the top of a mountain. Women’s retreats are becoming increasingly popular as more of us are prioritizing our spiritual and personal development, but these experiences are not just Instagram photo ops. 

If you’ve been on a journey of spiritual awakening, self-discovery, or self-development, you may be feeling called to attend a retreat. And like many women, you’re probably asking yourself “Is it really worth the money and time?” 

The truth is, there is a lot more to a retreat than practicing yoga, drinking green juice, and taking selfies for the ‘gram.

Attending a retreat will uplevel your self-development and perspective in a transformational way. Keep reading to learn the 10 reasons you should definitely consider diving in and attending a retreat (and get a glimpse at my #SHINETRIBE Goddess Retreat)

1. Get out of your comfort zone and learn new habits

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you feel stuck or stagnant in your life, repeating the same unhealthy patterns, a retreat might be just the thing you need to break the cycle. Any time you leave your comfort zone and experience new ways of doing things, you allow yourself the opportunity to change your life, even in the smallest of ways.

After a week on retreat, you might find that practicing yoga for 10 minutes in the morning helps you feel more embodied for the rest of the day, or that having heartfelt conversations with other women is something you need to prioritize.

While retreats are immersive experiences, they also allow you to see changes that you can make to your daily habits.

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2. Find your tribe and create lifelong friendships

When you are on retreat with a group of spiritual boss babes who are also prioritizing their self-development and growth, you create unshakeable bonds that last far beyond the actual experience.

You’ll meet women who are as passionate about achieving their dreams as you are (and let’s face it, that can be rare to find in day-to-day life!)

If you’ve been searching for deeper connections and a supportive tribe, a retreat could open your eyes to a whole new way of approaching friendship. 

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3. Connection with others to open your heart/Intimacy with yourself

During a retreat, you will have the opportunity to hear other women share their most vulnerable thoughts, fears, and hopes.

You will see yourself reflected in the stories of others, which is a transformational, heart-opening experience. 

Witnessing this vulnerability in others can also inspire you to get more in touch with your own inner fears and desires, allowing you to build a more intimate relationship with yourself.

4. Confront and Heal Your Triggers

Do you ever find yourself feeling triggered by seeing photos of women on retreats or by witnessing empowered women who are living authentically? You might think things like “Who does she think she is?” or “I could never be so open and vulnerable.”

“The people who trigger us to feel negative emotion are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being.” -Teal Swan

Thoughts like these might actually be revealing an inner desire to be more free and empowered, as well as a desire to build deeper relationships with other women.

On retreat, triggers will come up that you will be able to confront and heal so that you can start to live your own truth.

5. Accountability

If you’ve been working on your self-development, healing, or growth, but keep getting side-tracked or falling short of achieving your goals, you’re missing one important thing: accountability. 

On retreats, you speak your goals and dreams out loud to a supportive group of women, instantly creating the accountability that you’ve been lacking! 

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6. Experience new perspectives and culture

In our day-to-day life, we tend to find ourselves around people that are very similar to us. That’s comfortable, right?

Unfortunately, when we surround ourselves with people that share our thoughts, opinions, and culture, we create an “echo chamber” that inhibits our growth.

Retreats attract diverse groups of women who will open your eyes to new ways of thinking and expand your world-view, which is vital to self-development!

Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t. – Bill Nye

7. Up-level your skills

One of the best parts of attending retreats is that there are no distractions! Because they are such immersive experiences, anything you learn, you will retain more easily than you would by reading a book or watching a video.

That’s why retreats are ideal if you want to up-level a certain skill. Whether it’s meditation, communication, or leadership, being on a retreat will give you a chance to dive deep into new skills in a way that can be challenging in day-to-day life.

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8. Travel, duh!

Most retreats are held in beautiful, sometimes exotic locations, which is reason enough to make the investment!

Travel opens your heart and gives you an instant boost, especially if you’re not someone that travels regularly.

Another perk is that most of the logistics are taken care of for you including your itinerary, a place to stay, and meals, so all you have to do is book your flight and enjoy yourself!

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9. Gain clarity by getting away from your stress

If you walk into a retreat feeling conflicted about your business, your relationship, or any big life decision, you will probably walk away with clarity. It’s truly magical!

When you take yourself out of your daily life and remove your regular stresses, everything becomes so much more clear because you’re finally able to listen to your true inner voice and intuition.

“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.” -Rumi

10. Make massive changes in a short amount of time

If you feel like you’ve been pushing yourself to make changes for a really long time, but not seeing the results that you want, it’s time to make a massive shift.

A retreat is a shock to the system (in a good way!) Skills, habits, and relationship goals that normally would take months to master can be achieved in a matter of days when you give them your full attention.

Up leveling can be scary so that’s why retreats are perfect for transformation because you don’t have to do it ALONE!

See what the Goddess had to say about their life-changing experience below.

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