“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” —Chinese Proverb

There are 3 things that are destroying your happiness: stress, worry, and anxiety.

The good news is that each of these problems have a simple solution – relaxation. We’ve found that learning how to relax your body and mind will help you to get in touch with your true self.

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing 2 Simple Strategies for Relaxation. If you’re ready to quiet the noise of stress and anxiety so you can hear the whispers of your soul, this episode is for you!

Tune in to hear:

🧘 How an audio recording that Chris made resulted in 25% of hypnosis clients never coming back

🧘 A surprisingly simple way to relax your mind and bring you back to the present moment

🧘 Why you have to practice relaxation techniques before you’re in a stressful situation

🧘 A strategy we’ve learned learn to combat the physical muscle tension that can arise from stress

Highlights from this episode:

01:52 – Brit shares what she believes is Chris’ greatest gift

02:20 – Why we believe that relaxation is one of the most important things we can share right now

03:13 – At Brendon Burchard’s conference, Chris voices what he does for the first time

04:50 – Chris creates an audio recording for his hypnosis clients, and 25% of them never come back

07:18 – “Learning to relax is a key ingredient to a happy life.”

08:16 – Why the best moments of your life are never spent in contemplation

10:22 – “Worry is living in the future and planning to fail.”

10:52 – Chris shares 2 simple ways to achieve relaxation in the mind

12:47 – Why breath is a powerful tool for living in the present moment

14:32 – “Because your conscious mind can only think of a few things at once – once you start to concentrate on something besides what you’re worried about, you relax.”

15:47 – Why you have to practice relaxation techniques before you’re in a stressful situation

17:37 – How a tattoo session helped Chris improve his relaxation techniques

18:20 – The many ways that stress can manifest as physical ailments

19:35 – The surprising way we’ve learn to combat the physical muscle tension that can arise from stress

21:45 – How a relaxed physical state can impact your mind

22:44 – “Tension stored inside the body eventually erupts.”

23:21 – Need to deepen into relaxation? Grab a FREE guided meditation or book a hypnosis session here.

25:00 – How our past experiences work their way into our daily routines and self-image

27:06 – “When a problem becomes something you can laugh about, it won’t control your life anymore.”

28:47 – How relaxation will help you face problems, even if it doesn’t stop them from happening

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You are not alone in your suffering.

This is something that many of us are experiencing given the pandemic and current news.

Stress is a destructive process. 

It causes higher blood pressure, lowers the body’s ability to fight off disease and infection, increases blood sugar levels, increases fat storage, decreases serotonin, and causes extreme fatigue. 

It puts you in a mindset that takes you away from your real potential.

That’s why we’re excited to teach you our strategies for relaxing your body and mind in the Relaxation Masterclass.

You’ll learn:

🧘‍♀️ The 6 REAL triggers causing your stress

🧘‍♀️ A simple 10-second practice to help you find more calm

🧘‍♀️  How to defend against and stop the cycle of stress

🧘‍♀️ Our actionable framework for total body and mind relaxation

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