“The most powerful moral influence is example.” – Huston Smith

Do you ever wonder how some people are massively influential?

For some, it comes natural and effortless to step into leadership roles. It’s like they’ve discovered some kind of secret sauce!

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “3 Secrets to Becoming Massively Influential” that are going to set you apart from the crowd. If you want to become a massively influenced individual, then get ready to take notes in this episode!

Tune in to hear:

✨ Our three secrets to becoming massively influential

✨ Using your influence to pull people into more positivity

✨ How to recognize the ways that you are being influenced

✨ What separates the influenced by the influencer

3 Secrets to Becoming Massively Influential

Be Enthusiastic

Your level of enthusiasm will determine how other people feel about what you’re talking about, what you’re selling, or your ideas. When you’re excited about something, think about how you’re pulling people out of their everyday life. If you come with good and exciting energy about something, that will get other people excited too. You have to energize and motivate that other person, and you do that by being enthusiastic.

Be the Expert

This is where you have to decide, am I going to be an amateur, or am I going to be a pro? It just means that you know more about it than whoever it is that you’re serving. You need to get them to compare what they are currently doing to what you are talking about and to see a gap between those and how their lives would be happier using the expertise you just delivered to them.

Be an Example

Once you have the excitement, then you build the roadmap of how it’s possible to bridge that gap. Then what makes you credible is that you live by example. You walk your talk and practice everything that you preach to your audience and community. It’s a beautiful synergy when all three of those things combine. That is the secret sauce of what makes someone influential.

Highlights from this episode:

[03:55] – The first secret you can implement right away to become massively influential

[06:48] – Using your influence to pull people into more positivity

[09:12] – The second thing that you want to do to be massively influential

[10:34] – What separates the influenced by the influencer

[10:55] – The third secret to becoming massively influential

[15:58] – How to recognize the ways that you are being influenced

[19:25] – Every action you take is influencing people who are witnessing your expression

[22:49] – This is your time to shine

[22:59] – Remember the power that you have and the energy that you bring to the table

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We all want to live a more impactful life.

Have you ever wondered why some people are so influential to those they love and serve while others fall flat?

Is it something they’re born with?

Is it something they’ve learned to do?

In almost every interaction of your life, you’re persuading (or being persuaded).

Whether you have a mission, movement, or a motive, you’ll need to know how to influence if you have any chance at succeeding.

You’ll have to master challenging other people’s thinking without coming off offensive.

You’ll also need to control your own internal states so you don’t make critical conversational mistakes.

Understanding the right words to use, the correct attitude to embody, and the mental chatter you’ll need to win people to your ideas is key to being a great leader.

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