“Astrology is a powerful tool to remember even more truth of yourself.” – Natalie Walstein

Have you ever been curious about exploring astrology to discover your purpose?

We are so excited to have Astrologer, Natalie Walstein, on the Elevated Life podcast to share all of her cosmic wisdom and how to discover your purpose through Astrology!

As a collective guide, Natalie’s able to help so many people from all walks of life discover their purpose by consulting the cosmos.

We don’t just have to rely on our intuition to stay aligned with our life path. It’s already mapped out in the stars for us. So if we get out of touch with ourselves or we aren’t trusting what’s unfolding, then you can pull back the curtain to see what stage of evolution your soul is in.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “Discovering Your Purpose through Astrology with Natalie Walstein” where you’ll discover how astrology plays into knowing who you are, what your purpose is, and how to communicate with other people that aren’t your sign. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about Astrology and how it plays a massive roll in your life, then this is the episode for you!

Tune in to hear:

✨ How Natalie got started in Astrology and why Brit’s near death experience sparked her interest in the cosmos

✨ The best place for beginners to start with Astrology

✨ Being able to recognize in your Astrology chart when significant shifts will happen and warning signs to be aware of

✨ How to tell from your chart where the best places for you to travel are

✨ What Natalie looks for when comparing couples Astrological charts

Discovering Your Purpose through Astrology with Natalie Walstein

Q: How did you get started in Astrology? Was there a specific moment that happened?

A: I never expected I would be doing this. I used to be a graphic designer. And then my whole life fell apart. All of a sudden, my relationship went south. I was about to get married. I also got misdiagnosed with cancer. I was falling out of love with my career. Everything came to a standstill suddenly, which was surprising because I was following my dreams in life, and then it blew up. But astrology helped me get back to myself and realize that everything was actually happening for me to lead me to a higher path. So I was reading my horoscope every day, thinking to myself, when will everything get better? And it was so spot on.

Q: You’re an expert at reading relationship charts, so what do you look for when comparing charts in couples?

A: The thing with the relationship reading is that I’m never going to say you shouldn’t be together or be together. It’s more about laying out the different circumstances that you’re going to be facing with each other. Then you can ask yourself, do I want to deal with this? Is it worth it or not? So I’ll never make that decision for anybody. But, what I’m laying out in a relationship chart, is I’m looking for your moon sign which is your emotional need that you feel comfortable in the relationship. It’s your love language, in a way. And then your Venus sign is also important because it’s what you’re drawn to, what you’re attracted to, what you magnetize towards you. Also, your Mars sign is your sexual pursuit that you’re on and what turns you on. So whether you’re like a man or a woman, I think they’re both really important.

Q: When you’re looking into people’s charts, do you feel there is an actual blueprint of recognizing you’re not on your right path?

A: I think there is definitely a sense of being on the right track or being on the wrong track, but you’re going to feel that. It’s never going to be a surprise if I tell someone sorry, you’re in the wrong job. They’re coming to me because they know they’re in the wrong job, so it’s never going to be super shocking. As far as the specifics of reading a chart, to find your calling, they are energies. It’s not going to say you’re here to be a lawyer. It would say you like balance and fairness. But there are so many points on your chart that can help you nail them down. Sometimes people will not understand their calling even after a full session with me. But I will give them tips on things to explore, to try it out, and find it for themselves.

Q: So let’s say that someone is a beginner to Astrology. Where is the best place to start based on your offerings?

A: They’re all created for different learning styles and how deep you want to get into it because I don’t want it to scare anyone away. The book is the best place to start because you can get acquainted with who you are and what you’re here to do. Then if you love it a lot, you could dive into my membership, where you can learn so much more about how to use astrology effortlessly and practically in your everyday life. If you don’t want to learn astrology and you just want to know, what am I supposed to do with my life, get me out of the situation, or I’m ready to evolve, I can give you a reading, and you don’t have to learn all of it. I can give you the messages.

Highlights from this episode:

[01:42] – How Natalie got started in Astrology

[04:43] – Being able to recognize in your Astrology chart when your significant shifts will happen

[09:34] – What Natalie looks for when comparing couples Astrological charts

[12:46] – Dealing with resistance in Astrology charts

[13:52] – How to recognize from your chart if you are on the right or wrong path in life

[16:32] – What made Natalie feel called to create her book, The Cosmic Calling 

[23:08] – More about Astrocartography for a person who has never heard of it before

[26:26] – Brit’s Astrology chart reading

[29:42] – Chris’s Astrology chart reading

[31:53] – Recognizing warning signs on Astrology charts for you to be aware of

[39:28] – How to tell from your chart where the best places for you to travel are

[44:47] – Brit’s near-death experience that got her into Astrology

[47:28] – Free will and your cosmic destiny with the planets and the stars

[52:05] – The best place for beginners to start with Astrology


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