ABUNDANCE has been the topic of conversation in the Carmichael household this week. 

On Sunday morning, Chris and I found ourselves reminiscing over warm tea about how we used to sleep on a blow-up mattress at his mom’s house when we first met almost 12 years ago. 

As we get ready to take a two-week vacation in Bali, hire our first media team, and move into the penthouse at the Dallas Cowboys headquarters, we pinch ourselves and recognize the massive change in direction our lives have taken from where we came from. 

I grew up in a trailer park in a town with 203 people and Chris was surrounded by some of the wealthiest people in the US at his fancy private school. (The only difference was, Chris was on scholarship and didn’t come from a wealthy family.) 

Although we had two very different upbringings, we both experienced the “scarcity” mentality. 

The good news is, Chris was surrounded by loads of people approaching life with an “abundance” mentality and THAT made all the difference. 

Chris saw possibility.

And then we met..

Together, we decided we would make a change and believe we were meant for something GREAT and we know you probably feel that way too. 

Chris was kind enough to join me inside my private #SHINETRIBE Sisterhood community for a FREE training on 3 Ways to Activate Your Abundance Mindset. 

We share more on our background and the mental changes we had to make to break the old beliefs of our “scarcity mindset”. 

Join us now!

Ready to eliminate the stressful conflict with money? 

We believe you are worthy of going after your dreams and living your BEST life, and whether we like it or not, MONEY plays a significant role. 

It’s important to check in with your relationship with money first so you can understand your own beliefs and patterns. From that foundational place, you will be able to make the best decisions and open to abundant possibilities.

We’re so excited to teach you our techniques to upgrade your money mindset to attract abundance in the Busting Money Myths Training inside The Elevated Life Membership Club! 

You’ll learn:

 The 3 Biggest Things Holding you Back from Experiencing Financial Freedom
 4 Common Money Myths that Cause Poverty Consciousness
 Step-by-step Meditation to Train Your Brain for Abundance
 5 Ways to Attract Money and Develop a Prosperity Mindset
 The “Money Magnet” Exercise to Draw Unlimited Opportunity Your way
 Plus the best resources and tools for getting out of debt, accumulating wealth, and investing in your future 

If you’re struggling in your relationship with money and want to learn to how to become a super attractor of abundance then you can’t afford to miss this powerful training. 

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