“Spirituality is not adopting more beliefs and assumptions but uncovering the best in you.” – Amit Ray

Do you desire to adopt a spiritual practice so you can feel more at peace?

Spiritual people are in tune with the inner place of peace within them. But becoming spiritual doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes daily practice to find peace and joy along your journey.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “4 Things Spiritual People Practice” so that you can learn how to stay calm and peaceful. If you’ve been wondering how to embark on an inner journey within yourself, this episode will be super powerful for you!

Tune in to hear:

✨ What a spiritual person is

✨ How to come back to a place of feeling centered within you

✨ What is holding you back from a constant state of peace

✨ The quick reminder you can give yourself each day to feel more at peace

Ep 098 (2)

4 Things Spiritual People Practice


When someone does something terrible to you, that is when compassion comes into play. Compassion means you understand and acknowledge that there’s imperfection and suffering behind every person. Compassion takes a lot of detachment, which means whatever people project on you isn’t all about you.


Mindfulness is all about awareness. It’s about being aware of what your mind is doing. If you want to create a more significant change in your life, mindfulness is the first step. What you must do is to be deeply tuned to what the modifications of your mind are doing. There’s no past nor future; everything arises in the present moment.


Reflection goes hand in hand with mindfulness. Having these two significant practices can help you derive to conscious decisions. Reflection can be so powerful because, without it, you will end up stuck in your old patterns.


Without forgiveness, people stay tied to their past, anchoring them to stay there. The sad part is it stops people from being in the present and hinders them from building a meaningful life. Remember that forgiveness really means losing the expectation that you can have a different past. It’s the most powerful tool for your spiritual journey.

Highlights from this episode:

(00:34) The difference between religion and spirituality

(01:16)  The first thing spiritual people practice

(02:18) A tip for what to do the next time someone personally attacks you

(03:43) The second thing spiritual people practice

(05:54) Brit’s favorite way to anchor into the present moment

(06:30) The third thing spiritual people practice

(08:32) The fourth thing spiritual people practice

(10:55) How to reflect on your past

(11:42) Forgiveness is a daily practice

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