“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Have you ever wished you had the courage to make a big shift in your life?

Dr. Varun Gandhi is a life orchestrator, soulpreneur, Angel investor, inventor, philanthropist, and a water doctor. He enjoys orchestrating businesses, events, and ideas about the self! He is currently focused on creating a digital course called What’s Your Story, which allows you to create your Life Film, a chart consisting of your memories, experiences, and defining moments that have left an impression.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “Making Courageous Life Shifts with Dr. Varun Gandhi” so that you can step outside your mind and start living your passion and purpose. If you’ve been living someone else’s dream, then this episode will be an inspiring listen!

Tune in to hear:

✨ How Dr. Varun Gandhi transitioned from scholar to soulpreneur

✨ Ways to connect back to your body and create a practice that works for you

✨ Why taking baby steps is one of the most important ways to create change

✨ How the movie film of your life can lead you to find your purpose

Ep 093

Making Courageous Life Shifts with Dr. Varun Gandhi

Take Baby Steps

Don’t start at step 10. Begin with baby steps towards the direction you want to go. From there, you’ll develop awareness of what to do next and the courage to keep going.

Find Your Tools

Start by just practicing for five minutes at a time and find a spiritual tool that works for you. Whatever it’s meditation or yoga, find that for yourself so that you can unlock all of the treasures that lay behind your mind.

Your Life Film

At every moment, we’re creating a story in our minds. Our third eye chakra is projecting all of these images onto the different screens in our lives. The screens are the people, places, situations, and experiences. We’re taking all of this data, information and using it in our imagination and projecting all of these stories.

Highlights from this episode:

(01:43) The story of where Dr. Varun Gandhi came from.

(04:42) How Dr. Varun Gandhi started listening to his body to come to the root of his health pains.

(10:13) When Dr. Varun Gandhi realized it was time to start making changes within his life.

(13:38) How Dr. Varun Gandhi started his meditation practice.

(15:01) Where having a consistent meditation practice has benefited Dr. Varun Gandhi the most.

(18:09) How Dr. Varun Gandhi got the intuitive nudge to wanting to start feeding families.

(22:13) You don’t have to know it all or do it all to make a huge impact.

(24:58) Almost every great opportunity in life comes from a moment of silence.

(26:44) You have to get out of your own mind to find your passion and purpose.

(29:29) Dr. Varun Gandhi’s advice for anyone looking to make a courageous shift in their life.

(34:33) Dr. Varun Gandhi’s analogy for the movie film of your life.

(38:05) Every conversation we have is the universe sending us a message.

(45:15) What living an elevated life means to Dr. Varun Gandhi.

(46:24) How you can help support Dr. Varun Gandhi’s mission to provide meals to the LA area.

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