4 Secrets of Power Couples

In the 13 years (plus many lifetimes!) together, we’ve found 4 main areas that contribute to taking your relationship to the next level. If you’re not thinking, connecting, and communicating in specific ways to your partner, you’ll never truly experience the intimacy it takes to hit #powercouple status.

In this live episode of The Elevated Life®, we share 4 Secrets to Becoming a Power Couple!

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The Difference Between Tarot vs Oracle Cards

In this video, I’ll share the main difference between tarot and oracle cards and how to decide which one is the right spiritual divination tool for you.

With the use of tarot and oracle cards, you can begin to develop a deeper connection with your soul. These cards act as “magic mirrors” to confirm what you already intuitively know within.

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Self-Love is an inside job | Woo-Woo Wednesday Tarot Reading

https://youtu.be/yOA13pmn-NI Wanna catch a live reading? Head over to my Facebook every Wednesday. This week’s reading comes from my Shine From the Inside Oracle Deck with a powerful reminder to relax and have some fun!  Tune into your inner peace:  There is a place deep within you that is a reservoir of unlimited, unshakable peace. A place […]

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