“If I die tomorrow I will not regret. I really did everything I could.” -Freddie Mercury

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Bohemian Rhapsody gave me faith in a higher power.

Growing up in a hippie flower child’s house, we were always listening to Queen and Zep so Bohemian Rhapsody is like my life anthem.

My mom and I would always blast the song in the car and around the house. I even had them play it for us at my wedding so we could rock out.

Fast forward to 2012 when my mom suffered a paralyzing stroke and stuck in ICU with a swollen brain and 106-degree temperature.

I heard music therapy was good for recovery so I played the one song that would make a difference.

That moment gave me faith in a higher power and you won’t believe how my mom responded.

Tune in to find out…

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I wanna hear from you…

What song represents your life anthem?

Leave it in the comments below and share this with someone who you know would be inspired by this story. Today I’d have to go with “Witchy Woman” by the Eagles 🙂

3 Comments on Bohemian Rhapsody gave me Faith in a Higher Power

  1. There are a few my mom and I used to rock out to and those memories I hold close to my heart now that she is gone.
    Four none Blondes- I say Hey
    Cranberries- Dreams
    Boston- More than a feeling
    AC/DC- The Sign

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