If you’re willing to put in the work, you can create anything that you want in this world. But you’ve got to be willing to bet on yourself. ” – Tony Taveras

Have you ever wondered how you could build a new version of success for yourself?

Tony Taveras was on track to become an NFL superstar until an injury forced him to pivot in his career. He found himself working at LA Fitness, becoming a professional bodybuilder, and then drew the attention of HGTV, where he was the leading contractor on the show “No Demo Reno.”

His win-or-die mentality has led him to grow a multi-billion dollar organization. He is now the Executive President and co-owner of Linear Roofing and Solar, the country’s largest private equity-backed roofing and solar platform. When we say Big Tony is going hard in the paint, he really is setting an example of what it means to have a success mindset, what it means to be a new man, and how his mindset has shifted over time since becoming a father.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “Building the New Man with Tony Taveras” so you can hear his story of how he quit the hustle of the bodybuilding industry to redefine a new version of Entrepreneurship and fatherhood. This conversation that unfolded was one of the most powerful examples of what having a positive success mindset ingrained as a child can do for you

Tune in to hear:

✨ What Tony did to shift his mindset to trust in the flow of life

✨ How becoming a father has changed the way Tony shows up as a leader and for himself

✨ What happened to shift Tony’s dream from being an NFL player to being on HGTV

✨ The connection between having a positive mindset and manifestation

Building the New Man with Tony Taveras

How did your dream of being an NFL player shift into what you’re doing now?

Over time it shifted to create a life of abundance where I had freedom to do what I wanted to do with the people that I love and to have options. It’s not about being in a cage and boxed in where society tells me I have to be boxed in. I want to be limitless and create anything that I want. That’s the spark that I want to be in wherever that may lead me.

How has having a success mindset impacted you as a father raising your daughter?

When I had my daughter, I wanted to be an example for other men and show that it’s okay to be vulnerable and show love for your kids constantly. I’ve now seen some friends around me realize that it’s okay to showcase how much they’re doing and showing up for their kids. It’s shifted to having more impact and intention behind every connection I have with her because it can shift her thinking to create the dream she wants in this world.

How has growing to the level you’re at now affected you as a leader?

The people around me can feel that I’m not afraid to be vulnerable, even though I’m now an executive in a multi-million organization. Most people at my level want to be in a tower and they don’t want to get involved with their people at the belly and connect. This life is about connecting with people and getting them to feel you.

Highlights from this episode:

(2:30) The beginning of Tony’s story and how he got to where he’s at now in life. 

(04:55) Where the passion for physical fitness kicked into Tony’s life.

(10:24) The importance of putting in work instead of just faking it until you make it.

(13:15) How Tony’s dream has shifted from being an NFL player to being on HGTV.

(19:18) What Tony did to shift his mindset to find patience and trust in the flow of life.

(23:42) How society is on the cusp of “the new man.”

(26:22) Why life should be about connecting with others regardless of your status.

(32:14) How becoming a father has changed the way Tony shows up as a leader and for himself.

(36:06) Qualities that Tony is focusing on to develop and become the greatest leader he can be.

(40:35) Spiritual practices that Tony uses and what he’s looking to start trying next. 

(49:57) Tony’s experience using psychedelics. 

(51:38) Why hypnosis will be the next spiritual “trend.”

(57:06) The connection between having a positive mindset and manifestation.

(59:41) Ways that Tony likes to get out of his head and connect to having fun.

(01:01:16) Tony’s message to all of our listeners about how to stay present and stress-free.

(01:04:21) What living an Elevated Life means to Tony.

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