Your presence is the most precious gift you can give to another human being.” – Marshall B. Rosenberg

3 Things to Focus on This Holiday Season | The Elevated Life Podcast | Brittney Carmichael | Chris Carmichael

Do you struggle with what to focus on during the holiday season?

During this time of year, there’s so much to be distracted by with the lights, food, and discounts at every store you walk into. It’s easy to find yourself pulled away from what’s really important right now.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “3 Things to Focus on This Holiday Season” so you don’t get distracted from what’s truly meaningful in life. Whether you are shackled by the winter blues or overwhelmed with all the festivities, this episode will lift your spirits.

Tune in to hear:

✨ How to take a break for yourself during the hectic holiday season

✨ Small ways to give gifts of appreciation and love

✨ Why the holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on your goals and why you have them

✨ A challenge to find what lights you up

3 Things to Focus on This Holiday Season | The Elevated Life Podcast | Brittney Carmichael | Chris Carmichael

3 Things to Focus on This Holiday Season

Decide Who Lights You Up

Family is decided by you, not your bloodline. Maybe it’s who you married into, or maybe it’s a friendship circle. There was a big time in our lives when we couldn’t embrace seeing loved ones in person. Now we have the opportunity to realize how much you enjoy the people you’re around and take an inventory on how they make you feel.

Be Present

Your presence with others is a gift that can’t be purchased at Target on Black Friday. We used to think we needed to show up to others with a bottle of wine, flowers, or a special gift. But if you give your presence and are fully there, that outweighs any physical object you could give anyone. Your presence allows people to feel seen, heard, and loved because you make them feel like they matter.

Radiate Joy

Decide to carry the joy that you experience inside to every single interaction. Your expression of joy is how you’re going to inspire people. We can always bring a little bit more joy no matter where we’re at in life or how we feel. Always be that person who can find the silver lining and allow people to relax. You don’t need to look for joy, you create it.

Highlights from this episode:

(02:28) The pursuit of material objects will only fill up a cup with holes in it that runs out. 

(03:32) The first thing to decide this holiday season

(06:21) The second thing that truly matters during the holidays

(07:28) Small ways to give gifts of appreciation.

(10:08) How to take a break for yourself during the hectic holiday season.

(11:15) The most important thing to focus on this holiday season.

(12:23) A five minute challenge to find what lights you up.

3 Things to Focus on This Holiday Season | The Elevated Life Podcast | Brittney Carmichael | Chris Carmichael

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3 Things to Focus on This Holiday Season | The Elevated Life Podcast | Brittney Carmichael | Chris Carmichael


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