“You define beauty yourself. Society doesn’t define your beauty.” – Lady Gaga

When was the last time you took a moment to ask yourself, what is my relationship with my body image?

How we treat our bodies not only with the physical things that we do but also the way we think about them, speak about them, and describe them to other people is so important.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “How to Build a Better Body Image” so that you can reflect, rediscover and reconnect with your body. If you want to shift your mindset around your body image, take a deep breath and listen to this episode!

Tune in to hear:

✨ How to do a mental review of your self talk

✨ Steps to take to begin appreciating your body

✨ How to get out of your own way to start making changes

✨ The three things you can do to build a better body image

How to Build a Better Body Image

Start Monitoring Your Self Talk

When you start to speak those stories in your head, you’ve got to listen to what you’re saying. If you’re not saying helpful, true, or supportive things, you’re going to have to figure out a way to silence them. If you can silence even a portion of those negative messages, think about how much better you feel after the rest of the day. You feel amazing. It’s because you’re not bombarding yourself with messages that don’t support your growth or support your career, or support what you’re doing with your family or with your mission in life, or whatever you feel your purpose is.

Reconnect Your Body With Pleasure

If you’ve been disliking your body, it’s time to take a pause and get back to realizing that your body not only keeps you alive but is a massive conduit for pleasure. You want to start manipulating your body through gentle and continuous touch. Start with hugging yourself. The only goal is for you to begin to love yourself.

Challenge and Appreciate Your Body

You’ll find correlations in the success of your life when you begin to challenge your body, learn to appreciate it, and thank it for what it does. Recognize where you have a limit to how strong or whether you can physically do something, and do it. Maybe you’ve put a limit on yourself, but there’s something beyond that that allows you to appreciate your body in ways that you become so accustomed to because it runs on autopilot.

Highlights from this episode:

(04:03) Remember that we are all sort of going through body image issues.

(06:09) Recognize that your habits and stories are an imprint of your past.

(06:40) The first thing you have to do to build a better body image.

(07:33) How to do a mental review.

(11:17) The second thing you can do to build a better body image.

(14:55) Start with giving yourself a hug.

(16:10) How to stop making excuses for changing your lifestyle.

(16:33) The last tip you can do to build a better body image.

(19:29) You have not had an issue with your body. You have only had an issue with the way you were thinking.

(21:03) The Elevated Life Club masterclass you can attend to go deeper into your self love and body image mindset.

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What stops people is their belief in themselves.

Your self image is so powerful it allows you to be, do, or get anything you want.

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