“We work to bring our semi-tamed ego in line with our higher self so that the ego is an instrument of the soul.” —Jamal Rahman

Have you heard tons of trash-talking about the ego as you’ve been on your spiritual journey?

As we’re connecting with our higher self, it’s common to look down on the ego. But the truth is, in nature we see dualities everywhere: dark and light, masculine and feminine, the sun and the moon.

When we can recognize that our ego is a part of us, we can start finding balance between our ego and our higher self.

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing our tips on How to Build a Healthy Ego and tap into the discernment and protection that it provides.

Tune in to hear:

🧠 How to transform your ego from inner mean girl to inner cheerleader

🧠 The ways our past experiences have programmed our brains

🧠 Simple visualizations practices you can use to build a better you

🧠 Why a healthy ego will help you become more playful and free

Highlights from this episode:

01:22 – The joy of spiritual memes

02:20 – Why the ego is not the same as the “inner mean girl”

03:14 – “The ego is a protection mechanism.”

05:08 – Turning your ego into your inner cheerleader

06:09 – Why we need our ego to thrive in the physical world

07:20 – “Whoever you have been in the past…is false. At any moment, you can flip that switch and become whoever it is that you really are.”

08:25 – “Your inner mean girl is not a bitch. She’s hurt.”

09:39 – How our childhood programs our brain

10:15 – “Having a healthy ego creates better boundaries.”

10:40 – The first thing you need to do to build a healthier ego

12:43 – A simple visualization practice you can do everyday to build a better you

14:57 – “What kind of person would I need to be to make all my dreams come true?”

15:22 – One of our favorite hypnosis techniques for building the ego

17:31 – How the ego differs from our spiritual life

18:15 – “You wouldn’t sign up to be a character that you don’t want to be.”

18:38 – The different roles Brit has played in her mission to empower women

20:23 – The question Chris likes to ask people when they’re having a pity party

22:30 – “Your subconscious mind is the most important thing you’ve got.”

22:52 – Why Chris saves ego-building work for the end of his hypnosis sessions

23:20 – The #1 reason why you should make forgiveness a priority

25:03 – How a healthy ego will make your spiritual life more fun

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