“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” -Albert Einstein

Need help clearing the negative juju from your oracle cards?

Albert Einstein taught us that we’re all made up of energy and that it can’t be created or destroyed. So that leaves me to think that transformation is an ongoing process. If tarot and oracle cards are a part of your spiritual practice and you need a quick and easy way to cleanse the negative energy this video is for you.

I’ll be using my Shine from The Inside Oracle™ deck. It’s a deck that’s focused on self-love, but there can be negative emotions that come up when you’re working with any deck!

Old fears and old labels might surface and when we release those feelings while working with our decks, that energy goes somewhere. That’s why it’s so important to develop cleansing rituals for your oracle and tarot decks.

Today I’ll share 2 ways to cleanse your oracle and tarot cards, what to do when someone else touches your cards, and the most powerful tool you already own (hint: it’s not the cards) to manifest change.

Watch the video below and let me know in the comments if you have your own energy clearing techniques for your oracle or tarot cards.

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Technique #1: Knock on the deck!

You don’t need anything but yourself and your powerful intention to complete this ritual. Simply grab the deck with your non-dominant hand and knock on it with the other hand.

The most important element of this technique is the intention that you set.

Imagine that as you’re knocking on the deck all of the negative energy attached to it is broken up and dispersed.

Technique #2: Light some sage or palo santo

Sage and palo santo are known for their energy clearing properties. Light a stick of either and allow the smoke to clear away any negative energy.

Smudging is a physical representation of clearing energy, but again, the most powerful element of this technique is your own intentions and thoughts.

When to Perform a Clearing Ritual

  • After you’ve read for someone else.
  • After you’ve poured a lot of energy into your own reading and have experienced a powerful energetic release.
  • After someone else has touched your deck.

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