What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have.” – Oprah Winfrey

The Elevated Life Club; Brittney Carmichael; Chris Carmichael; Discovering Your Authentic Voice with Andrew Carruthers

Are you struggling to discover your voice?

Today, we are so excited to share our special guest with you, Andrew Caruthers. He has been an amazing teacher in the hair industry that has now transformed into the personal growth industry. It’s been beautiful to watch him transition along his career from hairdresser to life coach. His own personal struggle with finding his authentic voice led him to discover these unique modalities that have helped him reclaim his authentic creativity.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “Discovering Your Authentic Voice with Andrew Carruthers” so you can find your voice to feel heard and supported. If you’ve ever struggled to feel heard or don’t have space to speak up for yourself, this episode is for you.

Tune in to hear:

✨ What to pay attention to when your intuition is sending you messages

✨ How to find your voice when you feel like you’re speaking to the wrong crowd

✨ Tools Andrew uses when struggling to speak his truth

✨ A message from his dad, who passed away, that came through before the podcast recording

Discovering Your Authentic Voice with Andrew Carruthers

How did working in the hair industry prepare you to be a life coach?

As hairdressers, we form a really special bond with people because we’re one of the few people that actually touch them that’s not in their family. We’re also kind of safer for them to connect with than even their friends because they can feel too close to a situation to talk about. Whenever I would listen and empathize and be present with clients in my chair, it shined so much light on my own experiences and things that I knew I had to work on myself. I felt a responsibility to those people opening up to me that I had to have my shit together so that I could be there for them.

Is there a medical term for your voice condition or do you think there is a holistic reasoning behind it?

I’ve had nose and throat doctors scope my throat and all kinds of stuff, but my particular issue has no medical definition. There are medical aspects, of course, because it has a physical challenge. A lot of that comes from the stress I put on it from never being taught how to speak properly. In the last couple years, I realized it had really everything to do with a sense of not feeling heard, not feeling understood, but I think more so, it was my body telling me I was in situations where it wasn’t my place to speak.

What advice would you give to someone who’s intuition is trying to send a message before it’s gotten too late?

It would be to ask yourself, what do you really want from this? Because even the mind’s chatter wants something and is trying to fulfill some need. Whether it’s an intuitive hit or the mind telling us terrible stories about ourselves, I believe it is always trying to be of service to you. And so, if we ask ourselves, why is my mind telling me that I’m not good enough? It starts to shine a light on things we can do something with. Because in the moment of the story, we can’t do much with it. But if we find out the purpose of the voice and the story, then we can do something with that.

The Elevated Life Club; Brittney Carmichael; Chris Carmichael; Discovering Your Authentic Voice with Andrew Carruthers

Highlights from this episode:

(03:00) How working with people and connecting in the salon turned into a spiritual connection.

(04:56) Why working as a hairdresser prepared Andrew to be the best coach he could be.

(06:25) The unique story of how Andrew got into the hair industry.

(10:59) The importance of being aware of your energy when coming into physical contact with someone.

(12:08) How Andrew got started incorporating breathwork into his daily life.

(17:47) Your voice is a reflection of your energy and attitude. 

(21:52) Where Andrew’s voice condition comes from.

(30:52) Feeling safe to speak up begins in our past lives. 

(34:15) How Andrews’ voice condition altered how he uses words in conversation.

(40:14) The tools Andrew uses when struggling to speak his truth.

(43:14) How Andrew takes care of his voice after speaking all day long

(48:50) What’s happening next for Andrew.

(58:34) Andrew’s advice to anyone struggling to listen to their intuition and live their truth.

(1:03:34) The best places to connect with Andrew in the future.

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The Elevated Life Club; Brittney Carmichael; Chris Carmichael; Discovering Your Authentic Voice with Andrew Carruthers


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