Be as passionate about listening as you are about wanting to be heard.” – Brené Brown


Have you ever wondered how to conquer social anxiety when you’re around strangers?

A lot of us are worried about what other people think about our actions, and the sad part is that it creates a narrative inside our minds and anxiety in our bodies. In return, that anxiety ends up killing our confidence.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “How to Conquer Social Anxiety” so you can learn different techniques to communicate confidently around strangers and make meaningful connections. If you have anxious thoughts creeping into your head in a social setting, this episode is a must-listen!

Tune in to hear:

✨ How to handle social settings as an empath

✨ Ways to master the skill of listening

✨ Strategies to confidently connect and build new relationships

✨ What you can do to communicate with strangers without having a negative internal dialogue


How to Conquer Social Anxiety

Love Who You Are

You can’t please everyone, and that’s totally fine! One of the things you can do to conquer social anxiety is to love yourself first because no one can do it for you. It’s not your responsibility to dictate how a person feels about anything, but what you can do is go into a room and love yourself enough not to be stuck in your head.

Develop Your Listening Skills

Another way to connect with people confidently is to master the skill of listening. Most of the time when it comes to being in a social environment, people feel safe around you if you just listen. Being that listening ear creates a sacred bond between you and that other person.

Have a Game Plan

Before having a conversation with someone, formulate a question inside your head that you can ask them. Asking someone about their passion will spark the conversation, and it can make a great question to start the conversation. People light up when you ask them about the things they love. Also, having a specific set of questions in mind that you’re going to ask helps to set you up for that easy and smooth conversation.

Create an Elevator Pitch

One common way to ease anxiety is to feel confident in having a story that you tell about yourself. Create an elevator pitch that, in one quick sentence, summarizes who you are, what problem you solve, and how you can help people in one quick sentence.

Ask People How They Started

If you run out of words to say or you can’t carry the conversation anymore, another question you can ask people is to ask them what their story is and how they started. What ends up happening is that when a person is talking about what they’re passionate about and how they started, you end up building deep rapport almost immediately. 

Take Small Steps

If you’re uncomfortable initiating conversations with a large crowd, you don’t have to immerse yourself right away, creating even more anxiety. You can start by going to the grocery or restaurant and starting light conversations with people around you.

Highlights from this episode:

(1:29) The first thing to do to conquer social anxiety

(2:35) How to master the skill of listening

(3:15) What you can do to create a conversation game plan

(4:15) Ways to read the room before you initiate a conversation

(5:12) How to create an elevator speech to introduce yourself

(6:24) The importance of asking people about their story

(8:39) A permission slip to take small steps to conquer your social anxiety

(9:21) Do the things that you’re good at and join people who have the same interests as yours

(13:54) Brit’s favorite quote to handle criticism from others

(17:05) What Chris has learned as an introvert watching Brit communicate as an extrovert


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