“Before your try to fix someone else’s vibe, make sure you’re not killing your own in the process. Protect your own energy first.– Unknown

Do you ever feel depleted and struggle with protecting your energy around others?

This has been a wild season of release, especially with the full moon eclipse. Not only are we teaching on Release inside The Elevated Life Club, but we also did so much release at the Goddess Retreat. This current season has led to many conversations about how much energy management is really needed right now from being able to let go and release and withdraw when we don’t have enough to give.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “How to Manage and Protect Your Energy” so that you can fill your own cup first before helping everyone else. If you’ve been putting other people’s needs before your own, then this episode is for you!

Tune in to hear:

✨ How to set and maintain boundaries

✨ Why your body doesn’t feel truly rested

✨ How to protect your emotional and physical energy levels

✨ The biggest technique to reset your energy during the day

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How to Manage and Protect Your Energy

Set, Maintain, and Enforce Your Boundaries

This is the most important to start with because it doesn’t matter what techniques you use if you don’t have good boundaries. People will always intrude, and you’ll be coming from a place of overwhelm. Have an awareness of what your limits are. When do you start to feel bad? When do you start to get tired and recognize you’re doing too much? Set a boundary with yourself to not go beyond your limits.

Nailing the Basics and the Baseline

You’ve got to start looking at your habits and your routine with sleep, food, water, and exercise. Keeping up with the basics will allow you to start feeling better so that you don’t come into a space already depleted. When you are familiar with your baseline and are tipped off your normal state of calm, you can calibrate yourself back to your center.

Be in Control of Your Own Aura

If you’re an empath, you need to create an aura of protection around yourself so you aren’t picking up other people’s emotions every time you leave the house. Visually surround yourself in positive glowing, white light. Create a boundary between their mind and emotions between yours. When you have that extra layer of protection between other people’s energy, you don’t get as confused by emotions in you that were never yours to start with.

Take an Energy Shower

At the beginning or end of the day, take an energy shower to either prepare you for what’s ahead or wash away anything you might have picked up. Let the water hit your back and imagine it washing away anything that doesn’t belong to you.

Highlights from this episode:

(00:57) The most important fundamental lesson in energy management.

(02:27) The second big thing you’ve got to do.

(04:11) How to recognize if you are the cause of reaching your tipping point.

(08:52) Brit’s experience of purging energy within the body.

(09:49) How to protect your energy.

(12:14) Give yourself true recovery time from negative energy.

(15:06) Energy management isn’t just emotional. It’s your physical well-being.

(15:35) The last and most crucial piece to energy management.

(16:59) First steps to take if you feel low energy and drained.

(18:47) Setting reminders to take deep breaths throughout the day.

(21:11) A goal to set yourself for the next 24 hours.

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