“Being of service to others is what brings true happiness.” – Marie Osmond

Have you ever had an experience where someone treated you like a VIP out of the blue, and it felt so good?

Being VIP isn’t where you only are thinking about yourself. It’s about being of service to others and playing the long game. You don’t have to be a celebrity to live like a VIP!

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “How to Be VIP Everywhere You Go” so that you can learn how to constantly live in a VIP state. If you’ve wanted what you give to others to come back to you, this episode is a must-hear!

Tune in to hear:

✨ Why it starts with learning how to treat yourself like a VIP

✨ How to start showing genuine interest in others lives

✨ What to do if you feel resistance towards being kind or being of service

✨ How to give genuine and authentic compliments to the world

Ep 090

5 Ways to Be VIP Anywhere You Go

Don’t Criticize, Blame or Complain

When you think about the people that you love being around, it’s because they don’t sit and complain about all of their problems. You can talk about your problems to understand, learn and grow from using someone else’s perspective rather than just dumping your emotional baggage on them.

Take a Genuine Interest in Other People

It can be about you inside your head, but as soon as you go out and start to affect the world, it has to be about them and you start showing up and giving service. Start to think from a perspective that everyone has something that you need to know. They can affect your life in a way that can improve it and you can help improve theirs.

Praise and Appreciate

A lot of people have so many amazing qualities and they can do really incredible things. The issue is that they don’t really have a platform to show people that amazing side. So what you’re doing is giving people an opportunity to live up to their best and to live up to their potential.

Encourage People to Talk About Themselves

You will never learn anything by talking. You only learn by listening. When you pay attention, listen, and compliment people, they take off the mask and show you who they really are. And the people that you just love being around are the ones that are unmasked.

Play the Long Game

When you come in and you’re of service, kind and you play the long game, knowing you’re going to show up at this place over and over again, people are going to remember you and they’re going to remember your kindness. So begin to play the long game at some of these places you go to often like your work, grocery store, and places you eat at.

Highlights from this episode:

(01:57) The first tip on how to be a VIP anywhere you go.

(03:20) Be the light in someone else’s day.

(04:11) The second tip on how to be VIP.

(05:04) How to start showing genuine interest in others’ lives.

(06:41) The third step to being VIP.

(08:32) How giving compliments to the world comes full circle back to you.

(08:56) The fourth step you need to follow.

(10:20) Why you need to be engaging first with others.

(11:06) The most important step on how to be a VIP anywhere you go.

(12:47) How to be genuinely kind to others.

(13:50) What to do if you feel resistance towards being kind or being of service

(15:16) Learning how to treat yourself like a VIP.

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