There is nothing permanent except change.” – Heraclitus

Have you ever tried to manifest something new that would change your life?

With today being a new moon, we wanted to remind you that it is a powerful day to plant new seeds in your life and share our favorite ways to harness the energy of change.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “How to Manifest Change By Setting a New Moon Intention” so that you can manifest something new and remind yourself that you can change. If you want to manifest something big in your life this season, you’ll love this episode! 

Tune in to hear:

✨ How to prepare yourself for big changes

✨ Why this current season is perfect for planting new seeds in your life

✨ What you can do to manifest change in this new moon cycle

✨ How to break up your goals so you can achieve them faster

How to Manifest Change By Setting A New Moon Intention

Plant the Seeds

Start creating your desires and write them down. Take the time to write it down, get in your body, visualize what you want to manifest, pretend as if you already have it, and step into the gratitude as if it were already here. When you activate those emotions along with the intention, you create this magnetic, powerful force that draws it into your life even faster.

Cut it in Half

I know we resist change so often, but it will inevitably happen. And the way that you roll with it is to start to plan for it. Give yourself permission to break down your big goal and work backward. Cut it in half and just try that from new moon to new moon. You’ll end up finding that you can make big changes and that it seems so much more doable.

Create Momentum

If you’re at a point in your manifestation journey where you feel like giving up, and you’re so freaking close, just take a step back and have a party. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Give yourself that congratulations before you even get to the end of the goal line so that you have that momentum, especially if you’ve been knocked down.

Highlights from this episode:

(04:33) You can decide to change at any time in your life.

(05:18) How to plant the seeds of intentions

(07:51) Why the monthly full and new moons are reminders to restart and reset.

(08:54) How to stop resisting change and start to plan for it.

(11:05) Imagine what it would be like if you made one small change every new moon at the end of the year.

(12:15) The difference between what successful people are doing and what people who are more used to failure are doing.

(15:56) What to do if you are at a point in your journey where you feel like giving up.

(18:36) How to make yourself a Mastermind team of successful people.

(25:07) How to harness the new moon’s energy to re-evaluate your life path.

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