“Human design is an operation manual for your mind and body.– Lindsey Means

Have you ever wondered what human design is and how to live a more aligned life?

Human Design is a tool that can be extremely helpful in understanding our truest and deepest self. Our friend and fellow Hair Love bestie, Lindsey Means, passionately shares everything you need to know about human design.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, “How to Use Human Design to Live an Aligned Life with Lindsey Means” so that you can use your own human design profile to live your life in alignment with your highest self.

Tune in to hear:

✨ How to determine your human design profile

✨ What is human design, and how can you use it to achieve your highest self

✨ The types of human design and their strengths and weaknesses

✨ How to embrace your own unique blueprint

Ep 095

How to Use Human Design to Live an Aligned Life with Lindsey Means

What is Human Design?

Human design is like an operation manual for your mind and your body. It uses your birth information to generate your own individual energetic blueprint. No one on Earth has the same blueprint as you! Human design celebrates diversity and celebrates your uniqueness. It shows you how to operate your body so that you can live in alignment and live the life of your wildest dreams.

How to Get Started with Human Design?

All you need to know is your human design type, which is your energetic aura. Every type has a strategy and an authority. The strategy is how you put your body into cruise control, and authority is your decision-making mechanism. Knowing these different pieces will help you tap into your body to know what’s right for you.

Get your free Human Design chart reading here.

The Manifestor Type

Manifestors are known as the developer. They’re only 8% of the population and are the trailblazers, visionaries and starters. Manifestors are here to bring new concepts, ideas, and new ways of being to the world.

The Projector Type

Projectors are the project managers of the world that are here to lead and guide other people. They see the world in a new and different way and they’ve been studying people their whole lives.

The Generator Type

Generators are the slow and steady builders,  here for perfection. They have an open and enveloping aura and need help with big picture planning because they are designed to be in the present moment.

The Manifesting Generator Type

Mani gens make up about 35% of the population are a split between the manifestor and generator type. They always find the fastest, easiest, and most efficient ways to do things.

The Reflector Type

Only 1% of the population, are known to be reflectors and they are the unicorns of Human Design. Their environment, and energy of the people they are around is really important  to them.

Highlights from this episode:

(02:01) What is human design

(08:26) How human design got started

(12:29) The different types of human design profiles

(13:51) The Manifestor Type

(14:29) The Projector Type

(15:33) The Generator Type

(16:49) The Manifesting Generator Type

(20:28) The Reflector Type

(26:27) Living in alignment with your human design

(37:08) A message for anyone who doesn’t believe in human design

(38:08) How to find a human design reader

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