“Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves you.”― Tony Robbins

Have you ever been curious to hear our thoughts and opinions on controversial and taboo life topics?

This is part two of our Q&A series podcast, where you first asked questions about sex, weed, and running an online business. Now, we’re back with even more crazy questions y’all have asked us on Instagram.

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we’re going to be covering things like how I started coloring Chris’s hair, weed, international retreats, daily affirmations, and where we see ourselves in a years time. If you’ve always wanted to hear more into our personal world, then you’ll love this episode!

Tune in to hear:

✨ How Chris was my guinea pig while I was going through hair school

✨ Our purpose and intentions behind smoking weed

✨ Taking the goddess retreat and Evolved couples retreat international

✨ Where we see ourselves in one years time

✨ How to make affirmations effective in your daily life

Q&A: Judgement, Retreats, and Quitting the Hair Salon

What is your relationship with weed? Have you ever felt like it held you back from finding your most potential?

We use it as a way to connect with a different side of us because, with any drug, it sits on a receptor. You see the world in a new way. You see in a way that’s different from your regular state of being. What I notice is that it makes me much more connected. Now, talking about your potential, it depends on what that potential is. If it’s athletic performance, smoking weed is going to be tough.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?

I am really interested in finding someplace to call our forever home. It’s nature-based, nice open space, very bright so that we can continue to bring all the content and just things that really fill your soul up and inspire you to do those things that catch your fancy ways of enjoying this life in new ways.

What can I do to click into consistency?

You have to be motivated by what it is you want to stay consistent with. And you have to get clear at the beginning of any journey or goal you want to embark on. Are you willing to put in the work? Because it’s going to take work. That’s what consistency is. It’s work.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason and that life is just as it’s meant to be?

Everything has a deeper meaning. Everything happens for a reason. And I believe that reason to be is growth. Growth towards love, finding who you are, and eliminating all the fear and negative energy.

Do you recommend saying out loud or mentally daily affirmations? And if you do, how many times a day is good?

So the important thing about affirmations is that they work, but only in specific contexts. Your brain has a mechanism that lets it know that you’re lying to it, that you’re saying something that you know is not true. The issue that most of us have is that we are monotone inside our own head. What you have to change is how that voice interacts. If you can do affirmations from that point, they work really well because it’s aligning what you see in your subconscious mind.

Highlights from this episode:

[1:20] The time I colored Chris’s hair red

[5:27] You always have to be you for you

[6:26] Our relationship with weed and if it holds us back from our true potential

[10:23] Taking the goddess retreat and Evolved couples retreat international

[12:41] Where we see ourselves in one year in life and business

[18:20] How to get more consistent

[24:05] Our opinion on if everything happens for a reason

[27:24] The difference between real fear and imaginary fear.

[29:15] How to make affirmations effective in your daily life

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