“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.” – Bob Moawad

This is your Love Note to remind you to KNOW YOUR WORTH (and then add tax!)

Did you know that 74% of girls say they feel “under pressure” to please everyone?

This mind-blowing fact got me thinking….if SO freakin’ many of us are putting this kind of pressure on ourselves to live up to OTHERS expectations than it’s no wonder why we’re all lacking in confidence. 

I know I was a part of that 74% for MOST of my life.Thankfully I stopped the self-sabotage, made friends with my inner mean girl, and released the limiting labels and fears that were stopping me from truly uncovering WHO I AM. 

Confidence comes from dropping the perfectionism and accepting yourself exactly where you’re at.

When you begin to explore what lights you up, your passions, your goals, your actions, your values, your talents, and your morals you start to peel back the layers of self-discovery.

When you get CLEAR on what FEELS right for YOU, you begin to build a foundation for your true self to emerge. 

Say NO when you mean no.

Stop people pleasing in hopes of acceptance and approval.

Say YES to what brings you JOY and fill your own cup.

And ask yourself the most important question you’ll ever ask…..

Who am I? 

Asking this very important question sparks a spiritual shift that allows you to begin to take off the mask, stop hiding, and cultivate the confidence you need to be able to go after your dreams (and KNOW they will be a success!) 

When you hear the word “self-worth” typically our physical appearance comes to mind. 

But what if you were to value your worth on something other than your looks? 

We all know we are uniquely different in appearance and there is no one that looks exactly like us, so why is it so hard to apply this to our talents, passions, dreams, and values.

If we know that there is no one out there like us (inside or out!) then why are we constantly comparing ourselves to others?  

The world wants to see YOU.

Are you ready to SHINE? 

I’m curious to know…

When do you feel you are most confident? 

Remember: Your voice inspires others. Feel free to leave as much detail as possible. Your story matters!

I appreciate the time you share with me on this journey. I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with you and hope you’ll do the same!

Leave your thoughts, ideas, questions, and comments below.

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  1. Shanna says:

    I have always lived by these simple words of wisdom from a very wise and understanding man. My Dad.

    “If you don’t like your circumstances, Change them. Only you have the will to do this. Don’t base your future on what others think. If they are telling you that you can’t do something or are not worth their time, it’s because they believe they can’t do something and are not worth Your time.
    Have faith in yourself and then share that faith with others who need it. Only then, can you do ANYTHING.”

  2. Kim says:

    I was just thinking that maybe you could also start a blog with similar wording for young girls and teenagers…?? I am almost fifty and this ALL resonates with me … Women in general and like you said, even young girls… we ALL have the same “condition” of undermining our own worth. And then as we get “older” we have even more to contend with like ageism and wrinkles that the media then promotes as unattractive etc…It is ALL quite ridiculous.. Women are 1/2 the population for gosh sakes!


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