“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” —W.B. Yeats

Are you new to the woo and starting to go down the rabbit hole of spiritual awakening?

When I began experimenting with metaphysical concepts and practices, it was all brand new to me, but I chose to approach it with an open heart and an open mind. Awakening to the magic around me has taken Chris and I on a journey with many unexpected twists and turns.

Together, we’ve explored the world of woo with a balance between my witchy side and Chris’ more science-minded approach, and today we’re sharing everything we’ve learned along the way.

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing our experience with being “New to the Woo.” If you’re ready to dive into all things magical, this episode is for you!

Tune in to hear:

🔮 The many lessons we’ve learned in the mountains of Colorado

🔮 Why relaxation is the key to accessing your intuition

🔮 How conversations in Brit’s hair salon allowed her to see new perspectives

🔮 The books that opened our minds and took us places we never expected

Highlights from this episode:

01:20 – Brit talks about how Chris felt when she started falling love with all things woo.

02:20 – How we’ve learned to find balance between Brit’s witchy side and Chris’ science-minded approach

04:51 – The moment in a crystal shop when Brit realized the intensity of the journey she was on

05:46 – Brit learns another lesson on a mountain in Colorado

06:28 – Chris talks about how mountains are great metaphors for life

07:25 – How society has taught us to ignore our intuition and worship the rational mind

08:00 – Why intuition doesn’t work when you’re operating out of fear

09:39 – “You have to learn to relax because you can only access your intuition when you’re in a relaxed state.”

11:11 – At the beginning of her journey with the woo, Brit tells Chris that she’s seeing 11:11 everywhere. (And check the timestamp! 😱)

12:50 – Brit talks about how a woman in her salon introduced her to concepts like chakras and pendulums

13:47 – “We have to experience the magic before our logical mind tries to understand it.”

14:16 – Brit receives an answer that makes her start bawling

16:02 – The healing experience of past-life regression

18:13 – As Chris learned more about hypnosis, we learned that there was a metaphysical side of hypnosis 

19:04 – A woman in Brit’s salon recommends the book “Star Signs” by Linda Goodman and it inspires a trip to Tesla’s house in Cripple Creek, CO

21:27 – The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill introduces Chris to new energy concepts

22:39 – Inside Tesla’s house, Chris hears voices everywhere

25:42 – “Everything was an experiment….and I was willing to experiment with an open heart and an open mind.”

27:27 – Why energy protection is important as you’re starting to explore the woo world

30:14 – Practices to help you to protect yourself emotionally

32:44 – How your moon time syncs up with the full moon

35:27 – Why your hobbies and the things that you enjoy often put you into a meditative state

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