“Whatever phase of life you are in, take time to pause and reflect where you are headed to.” – Roopleen

Have you ever taken a moment to pause and reflect so you can take aligned action?

The secret to starting a new year off right is recognizing that at any point in your life, no matter where you’re at, you can change. What it takes is to pause what you’re regularly doing and reconsider who you want to be.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “Pausing to Take Aligned Action for a Badass Year” with our own reflections of what the universe has been showing us in our lives and what you can do to stay in alignment for an abundant year. If you’ve been feeling called to make badass moves in the new year, then don’t miss this episode!

Tune in to hear:

✨ Why this current season is a time of reflection, releasing, and revising

✨ How to get out of autopilot mode in your day to day life

✨ The breathing tool that can help enlighten your desires

✨ What we’re purging and opening space for in our lives for a badass year

Pausing to Take Aligned Action for a Badass Year

Get Out of Auto Pilot Mode

We don’t realize how much we operate our lives from autopilot mode, living the same day over and over again. It’s important to take the pause to get back out of autopilot mode and recognize what you actually are doing in life. Ask yourself, is this still working? Is there a better way?

Utilize the Seven or Above Rule

You can automatically apply the seven or above rule by asking yourself this question: does this activity that I’m doing right now drain me or bring me joy? If it drains, you have to ask yourself, do I have to do it? If you don’t, then it’s time for you to change it.

Incorporate Breathwork into Your Routine

Breathwork is a breathing technique that you’re born with, but no one taught you how to use it consciously. Breathing is an unconscious byproduct of our body, but it’s really what controls everything. By taking control of your breathing, you can make the conscious decision to feel relaxed or anxious. Breathwork brings awareness to your body, and awareness is enlightenment.

Recognize That You Can Change Whenever You Want To

Overnight or at any point in your life, no matter where you’re at, you can change. What it takes is for you to pause what you’re regularly doing and start to reconsider everything that’s been going on and say, will I continue to allow this to be in my life? And if not, how do I change? Become really specific on that new life, habit, or way of being.

Highlights from this episode:

(02:42) What the upcoming retrograde season means for goal setting

(07:13) How to fill your time with the things that light you up.

(13:24) Why your breathing has such a heavy control on gaining clarity for goal setting

(18:07) How we’re taking action towards goals in 2022

(22:29) The importance of taking time to pause and get out of autopilot mode

(23:37) Live life with an intuitive yes or no

(29:08) The secret to starting the new year off right. 

(33:34) An affirmation you can use during the retrograde season

(34:38) The collective energy of 2022

(35:24) Allowing things in life to be easy

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