The Elevated Life: Simple Mindset Shifts for Radical Transformation: How to heal heartbreak

We’ve alllll been there. Heartbreak city. That’s why we’ve decided to share ways you can begin to heal your broken heart.

In this video, we’ll share how to shift your energy to attract the partner you REALLY want by identifying your inner story of struggle.

Relationships serve as your reflection.

Each person offers you a glimpse of your inner self. We’ll also share what to do when your partner doesn’t want to grow as fast as you are. Chris shares the #1 ultimate tip you can offer yourself to set yourself FREE. Get ready for a BIG release after watching this video. 




Britt and Chris Carmichael, founders of The Elevated Life, are a husband and wife duo dedicated to helping people on the path to transformation, healing, and enlightenment. Watch them LIVE every Friday at 11:00am CST over on Facebook.


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