“The next message you need is always right where you are.” – Ram Dass

Do you believe in the magic behind spirit signs?

It’s amazing what happens when you pay attention to the spiritual signs that divinely guide you!

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “The Magic Behind Spirit Signs” and diving down the woo woo rabbit hole. If you want to connect more with your spirit guides to receive divine guidance on your life, then you’ll love this episode!

Tune in to hear:

✨ How to notice the synchronicities

✨ Leaning more into your intuition

✨ The best way to ask your spirit guides for signs

✨ The importance behind angel numbers

The Magic Behind Spirit Signs

Noticing the Synchronicities

Often, when we ask for a sign, our logic can sabotage and think that it was just a coincidence. It’s always interesting the timing in which things happen. You can start noticing signs of synchronicities as an experiment, and of course, you can say that’s a coincidence, but it will start happening often enough in specific moments. It’s a personal reminder to come back to the present moment.

You Can’t Create How It’s Going to Show Up for You

We can ask for what we want, but we have to be open enough to receive it when it shows up in its own unique form. You need to be asking your guides for the sign to show up, but you can’t control how or when it will show. What the asking part does is leave your logical mind out of it. So if you’re saying statements, that’s using your logical mind. However, asking questions allows your spirit guides to time it divinely for you. Ask the open questions and be ready for whatever that looks like.

Let It Be Open to Interpretation

As you get more confident, you can let the signs be open to interpretation and build up a language with your own soul. So many people can interpret it differently when looking at signs. It’s important to develop your own language once you have moved past the logical mind and are skeptical initially. But once you start to see that the magic really is there, it’s fun to leave it open to interpretation.

Highlights from this episode:

[01:28] – Noticing the synchronicities.

[05:40] – The timing when things happen.

[07:21] – The intuitive importance behind reading every day.

[10:08] – Why you need to be asking questions to your spirit guides.

[14:33] – The importance of angel numbers.

[18:04] – If you learn to look for the magic, it’s always there.

[20:12] – Let life lead you where you need to go instead of resisting it.

[22:59] – Intuition is where you get the spice from life.

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