“To love is to recognize yourself in another.” – Eckhart Tolle

Have you been curious to know one of the most powerful, simple tools that help Chris and I have a successful relationship?

We’re going to be teaching these tools and diving into so much more about how we have been able to bring our relationship full circle at the Evolved Couples Retreat happening in Destin, Florida, from November 9-13th, 2021.

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we’re sharing “Tools for a Successful Relationship” to create a beautiful, balanced relationship full of love and intimacy. If you desire to uplevel your current relationship or are manifesting your life partner, then this episode is exactly what you need to hear!

Tune in to hear:

✨ Techniques to move past communication barriers

✨ Overcoming the pain of the past

✨ How to get on the same page as a couple

✨ Our biggest secret of what evolved our relationship

✨ All the details for the Evolved Couples Retreat

Tools for a Successful Relationship

Lay Out Expectations in the Beginning

If you don’t have the expectations out in front, your partner can never deliver them to you. Always be straightforward and honest because when you’re going to enter into a relationship with somebody, whether that’s a friend or someone who’s going to be a lover, you have to always be setting up the expectations. The sooner you get those expectations out and open, the more the other person can start to understand you.

Listen More Than You Speak

Often, we’re saying the same thing, but the other person doesn’t hear it because we’re not using the right language for them. So you have to remember when you talk to your partner, you’re not talking for you; you’re talking so that they can understand. You have to be in a space where you’re listening to them because they will give you the words you need to say back. Listen to your partner. The idea that you can continuously talk and be in a relationship is crazy. You have to spend so much more time listening to get a feel for where things are for your partner.

Update the Rules

Don’t wait until things go wrong to talk to your partner about what you want, need, and dream of. Every single week, check-in with each other and update the rules. Ask questions that are important to your partner’s wellbeing and happiness. Is there anything you need more of or less of? Have we been over-scheduled and too busy? How’s our sex life? How’s the food we’ve been eating? Have we been spending too much money? By updating the rules every single week, you avoid resentment and the build-up of a big fight by addressing any concerns right away.

The Evolved Couples Retreat

The Evolved Couples Retreat is a full immersion, all-inclusive transformational experience to empower your relationship to evolve! Escape for 5 transformational days in a luxury beachfront villa on the shores of Destin, FL, 2/22/22. Join our sacred container to become an Evolved couple. The deadline to apply is 01/01/22.

Highlights from this episode:

[02:31] – Laying out your expectations from the beginning of the partnership

[04:13] – The powerful ritual of marriage

[06:03] – You don’t have to fit your relationship into a box

[08:11] – Power struggles between partners

[10:59] – Healthy ways to express your honest feelings with your partner

[12:23] – Our purpose behind the Evolved Couples Retreat in November

[13:46] – How to effectively listen to your partner

[16:11] – Your choices on handling confrontation with your partner

[17:56] – Our biggest secret of what evolved our relationship

[20:46] – The importance of coming into a relationship whole

[23:07] – What Chris is most excited about for the Evolved Couples Retreat 

[28:25] – All of the details for the Evolved Couples Retreat

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Escape for 5 transformational days in a luxury beachfront villa on the shores of Destin, FL November 9-13th 2021



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