Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice.” – Heather Amara

Have you ever wondered what transformations happen inside The Elevated Life Club?

We’ve been running The Elevated Life Club for almost six years now, and it’s been incredible witnessing the transformations in the journey of our Elevators as they are healing and up-leveling their lives. That’s why today you will hear four very powerful transformations from our Elevators, their stories of triumph, and what they did to overcome situations that brought them their biggest struggles.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast,  we’re spotlighting “Transformations Inside of The Elevated Life Club” so you can gain inspiration and encouragement to break free of addictions, pains, or fears that stop you from being your authentic self. Each of these stories we showcase moves me to tears, and I know you’ll enjoy their transformation stories as much as we love watching them happen in real time behind the scenes of our monthly coaching club. If you’ve ever wanted a sneak peek inside of the magic inside of our monthly club, then you’ll love this episode!

Tune in to hear:

✨ How Carrie has become a better wife and mother since implementing consistent mindset shifts that she learned inside of The Elevated Life Club

✨ Why joining The Elevated Life Club together as a couple has enhanced Chris & Nancy’s relationship on a mental, physical, and spiritual level

✨ What being a founding member of The Elevated Life Club has done to Ann’s confidence, who has been joining the monthly masterclasses for almost six years

✨ How you can join The Elevated Life Club today for $7

Transformations Inside of The Elevated Life Club

“The Consistency of Showing Up Has Made Me a Better Me” – Carrie

So much has changed in my relationship, my ability to trust the process, my inner peace, and my parenting from consistently showing up at the live masterclasses each month. I was determined to keep showing up and staying consistent in trying new things, even when it wasn’t comfortable and I couldn’t quiet my mind. I have found that I’m a better mom, wife, friend, sister, and me, which affects every aspect of your life if you really think about it.

“It’s Been a Great Way For Us To Connect Together As a Unit” – The Shivers

There are many specific men’s and women’s groups out there, but you don’t see many groups where you can co-exist together as a unit and find your voice with your partner. The Elevated Life Club gave us different ways to communicate mentally, spiritually, and physically. It feels really good to come together and do something as a combined unit that encourages us to grow with one another.

“I’ve Become A Better Parent to My Kids and To Myself” – Ann

I’ve healed enough to be able to witness my kids as who they are as individuals and not try to control them. I’ve been able to parent my children as they need me, not as I think they need me, but as they need me in different situations and different ways. I’ve also been able to parent myself and fully eliminate the toxic relationships I had growing up and anything that didn’t support my development.

Highlights from this episode:

(03:44) The importance of being around a community that lifts you up and supports your goals.

(08:04) Carrie’s most important step to starting her spiritual journey.

(11:48) How Carrie learned how to meditate from The Elevated Life Club.

(18:22) The ways Carrie has become a better wife and mother since having mindset shifts.

(23:11) A recommendation to reduce the number of arguments you have with your partner by half.

(27:39) Why the Breathwork masterclass of The Elevated Life Club is Carrie’s favorite.

(32:42) Carrie’s advice to follow the nudges of what comes into your path, so you don’t lose it.

(36:52) The BS behind the saying that you need to embark on your spiritual journey by yourself.

(37:25) What Chris & Nancy were looking for when joining The Elevated Life Club together as a couple.

(41:49) How to center yourself as a support system when your partner is processing their own individual healing.

(46:33) Chris & Nancy’s confidence in their relationship before joining The Elevated Life Club.

(49:10) How being in The Elevated Life Club altered Chris’s masculine ego.

(51:36) Nancy’s top 3 favorite masterclasses inside of The Elevated Life Club.

(54:47) Why the positivity inside of The Elevated Life Club has been the most profound for Chris & Nancy.

(57:19) Chris & Nancy’s advice for anyone who is on the fence about joining The Elevated Life Club.

(01:04:07) What Ann was struggling with before joining The Elevated Life Club.

(01:11:14) Ann’s biggest transformation since having been a founding member of The Elevated Life club for six years.

(01:15:33) How the meditations have been the biggest tool for Ann.

(01:22:16) The transformation of how being inside of The Elevated Life Club turned Ann into having confidence and being able to manifest her dream life.

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