The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” – Mike Murdock

Have you created an intentional morning & evening routine for yourself?

We have a tendency to give to other people in huge ways. We give our time, money, love, and oftentimes the kind of care that we personally need. But this only limits us and puts us on the back burner.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast,  we’re sharing “Creating an Intentional Morning & Evening Routine” so that you can start to prioritize yourself and your own needs first. If you feel like you never have enough time for yourself, this episode is for you!

Tune in to hear:

✨ What Brit & Chris do in their morning and evening routine

✨ How thinking of your day like a staircase can help set you up for success

✨ An actionable takeaway to start developing a routine that works for you

✨ Why you only need 10 minutes to change the trajectory of your day

Creating an Intentional Morning & Evening Routine

Fill Your Own Cup Up First

When you take radical responsibility to fill your cup up, you can serve much better throughout the day. Setting yourself up for sacred self-care time in the morning helps you to be better at your job, a better parent, a better lover, and be more present. The morning routine is about crafting what you need to recharge your batteries and find your inner peace so that you can show up and serve on a bigger scale.

Take 10 Intentional Minutes

You don’t have to give yourself 10 hours every day. If you take 5 to 10 intentional minutes by yourself, you can get a lot of nurturing done. Don’t do it while you are hustling or checking your phone because you won’t feel the soothing benefits. Come from a relaxed and soft space to spend 10 minutes doing what you need for you.

Celebrate a Successful Day

What you do before you go to sleep is priming your subconscious mind to process everything you did that day and to get ready for the next day. So if you’ve set yourself up for success, congratulate yourself at the end of the day. Thank yourself for doing your best and let go of any of the stresses, worries, or overthinking that you normally do when you go to bed. Give yourself permission to feel proud of what you accomplished and have a ritual that helps you to celebrate and close the day.

Start With Only 2 or 3 Things

Think to yourself, what do I need the most, and pick out a few small things that work for you. You don’t need a long list of a thousand things. All you need to start is two or three small things in the morning and at night that are meaningful to you and slow you down to get your brain to relax. It could be playing your favorite song or reading a few pages in a book; it doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. If you just get a few things in the morning to anchor yourself and a few things at night, you can start to have the kind of lifestyle you want because you’ve made an intentional moment for yourself.

Highlights from this episode:

(03:38) How Brit sets up her day to best serve herself before helping others.

(05:16) Questions to ask to find out what you need every morning.

(07:53) Why you need to take the responsibility to give to yourself.

(08:32) What Chris does first thing in the morning.

(10:25) How 10 intentional minutes to yourself can change your whole day.

(11:41) Why you need to celebrate your day before going to bed.

(12:51) Think of the layers of your routine like walking up and down a staircase.

(15:56) How to update and evolve your routine over time as your needs change.

(16:12) Your actionable takeaway to start developing a routine that works for you.

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