Your inner child still needs to be loved in order to heal the complete self.” – Karen A. Baquiran


Does your inner child need healing?

This month inside the Elevated Life Club, the topic was overcoming trauma and healing your inner child. What we found so interesting during the live masterclass was that everyone, whether they realized it or not, needed to be reminded of their inner child that once was playful and daydreamed and was destructive.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “5 Signs Your Inner Child Needs Healing” so that you can embody your whole self. If you’re looking to rekindle your relationship with your inner child, don’t miss this episode.

Tune in to hear:

✨ How you can start revitalizing your relationship with your inner child

✨ Where to recognize if you developed patterns from your parents

✨ A reminder that you are never suffering alone

✨ Ways to reframe situations as an adult that you experienced as a child


5 Signs Your Inner Child Needs Healing

You Have Repeating Patterns That Are Coming up in Your Life

These patterns aren’t the same as seeing repeating angel numbers. These are negative patterns that you’ll notice most in the relationships in your life. Start asking yourself, is this the pattern of behavior that I want to be doing? And is this going to give me the outcome that I want? Once you have that awareness, you start to unlock the patterns. If you can change the negative patterns you notice in your life, you can begin to change life the way you want to.

You are Lacking Confidence

If you had a highly critical parent, you could feel like you have a small sense of self-worth. Your boundaries might be mushy, or you might even show up as a perfectionist. As an adult, this can result in always being hyper-critical towards yourself because you were fighting to get your own love and approval from a parent, but you never seem to allow yourself that satisfaction.

You Find It Hard to Trust People

If you had parents that expressed physical punishment towards you, you might find yourself finding it hard to trust people. Our child brains started to equate pain with love, and because those emotions were happening simultaneously, it gets really difficult to try and separate them. But if you go back and think about it as an adult, you can start to figure it out.

You Are a Constant People Pleaser

You are always looking for that approval and validation from people outside yourself. If you didn’t receive it from a parent, you’re in a pattern of trying to seek love and approval from anyone outside of yourself. But as an adult, you can nurture and reparent that inner child and recognize that we need to turn that love inward when we’re trying to give it to everyone else outside of ourselves and they’re not accepting it.

You Have a Fear of Abandonment

Having a fear of abandonment always comes back to having a fear of being unlovable. Because if you think inside that you are unlovable, you’ll always feel like the other person will abandon you. But you can never be abandoned if you are with yourself. That’s why developing self-love is the most important work you can do now.

Highlights from this episode:

(2:09) A reminder that you are never suffering alone.

(04:49) The first sign that your inner child needs healing.

(08:02) The second sign that your inner child needs healing.

(08:56) How these patterns could have started from your parents.

(10:12) The third sign your inner child needs healing.

(12:42) The fourth sign that your inner child needs healing.

(13:54) How to discover if you are a people pleaser.

(17:24) The fifth sign that your inner child needs healing.

(19:12) How you can start revitalizing your relationship with your inner child.

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When you think about it, we are all on a healing journey.

As an adult, have you ever wondered why you are the way you are or why you do certain things a certain way?  Some people have trouble accepting compliments or taking criticism. Some people seek affirmation or fail to recognize their own accomplishments. Others struggle with the need for perfection or cling to relationships because they’re afraid to be alone. Most of these patterns originate from something that happened during childhood.

From the moment we enter this life, we’re on a wild adventure to discover more about ourselves and the world around us. We’re met with challenges and opportunities to face fears and unearth the greatness we have inside and develop strength and courage. 

But not all parts of the process are enjoyable, and for some of us, the ‘school of life’ starts early with parents, teachers, and authority figures dictating who we are and what parts of us are acceptable. Even with the most well meaning intentions, most of us experience some sort of trauma growing up, and the part of us that went through that needs our assistance in finding themselves again.

As children, we lack the tools and knowledge to help ourselves. As adults, it’s our duty to find, re-educate and love that part of us.

We are breaking free of the past and championing the inner child so you can live at your best in the Overcoming Trauma Masterclass.

You’ll discover:

🎙️ How to reconnect with your Inner Child

🎙️ 4 ways to rebuild the Ego

🎙️ How to find the silver lining in past experiences and let go of the burden

🎙️ The secret to finding balance between the Inner Child and the Older Adult

🎙️ Plus 3 powerful, guided meditations to integrate all the training



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