“The magic is inside you. There ain’t no crystal ball.” – Dolly Parton

Ever struggle feeling guilty when your body is telling you it’s time to rest?

I’m baaack from an adventure in Nashville celebrating the birthday of my girlfriend Sarah (the redheaded hostess with the mostess of my Goddess Retreats) and the 1 year passing of my dad with a Chris Stapleton concert.

Also side note – let me just share how many signs I received from dad during this trip that I would literally blow your mind (like getting a fortune cookie at the concert that had the word “daughter” on the back) so if you’re into cool stories like that hit reply and I’ll share more.

This morning during my oracle card self-care rituals I pulled the card “Rest, Renew, and Relax.”

After driving back to Dallas straight through and 11 hours of 90s music on blast – I needed to take a chill pill and lay low to refuel myself.

For one second I felt a tinge of guilt and thought to myself, weeeell last week I didn’t go live for Woo-Woo Wednesday and I don’t like to skip 2 weeks in a row because I’m suuuuper dedicated to the commitments I make.

Over 6 years ago I made a decision that I would consistently show up for live videos each week in my #SHINETRIBE Sisterhood community and for a few years there it was 2 live shows including The Elevated Life.

But things are changing.

I’m changing.

My business is evolving.

I’m being asked to show up in a new way.

Especially with my Insta account (still) being hacked and held hostage for ransom. *Update: She gone so we started over.*

Although I did email them today and just asked them to give it back without paying them and they lowered the asking price in half.

No. I still won’t pay. But I was sure hoping they would be annoyed that I haven’t budged or bent my integrity to pay someone to keep repeating bad karma.

Will they still do it even if just I don’t pay – sure – but will I sleep well at night knowing I stood for justice (funny – that was the other card I pulled from my tarot deck this morning. #fullcircle)

So what’s the lesson here?

Take time to have fun.

Be with your friends and family.


Rest when you feel drained.

Throw the guilt out the window.

Stand for what you believe in.


So although I chose to skip the live and play with my plants (oh and reorganize my pantry because PMS and spring cleaning mode are in full effect over here) I still wanted to reach out to you and let you know I’m thinking of you Brit.

I’m cheering you on and excited to see what’s in store for you this year.

This week may have been a little challenging moving into Aries season (the astrological new year), but just remember its clearing way for a new high vibe chapter on the upcoming New Moon.

Like mama says – “Let it go Louie.” and trust the wonderful things making their way into your life right now!

Open up and receive.

You deserve it! xo

P.S. Spots are going fast for the next Goddess Retreat! We’ve only got a couple spots left so if you’ve been looking for a sacred space to renew, recharge, and come home to yourself – this is it!



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