“Our best decisions are often what we choose not to get involved in.  – Doug Cooper

Are you ready to ditch the drama?

With all of the changes that are going on right now, people are riding a rollercoaster of emotions. Then they hop into group texts and Facebook groups and their instability comes out through fear and drama!

Here’s a truth bomb for you: it doesn’t take a pandemic to realize that there is drama in your life.

Drama can creep up on you unexpectedly and drain your energy. If you are an empath, you are especially vulnerable when it comes to the energetic effects of negativity, so it’s important to learn how to protect yourself.

The good news is that if you can learn to deal with the drama, life gets a lot easier. In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing 3 ways you can ditch the drama and find peace in a chaotic time.

In this episode, we also talked about:

Why empaths have to be especially careful around drama

The unexpected ways that other people’s drama can affect you

Why eliminating toxic people from your life is a form of self-care

How you are responsible for making sure you keep your energy light and positive

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Tip #1: Don’t Engage

Have you ever noticed what happens to fire if you fan the flames? It gets bigger and bigger!

When you engage with a negative person in their victim mentality and blame, it only fuels their anger and creates more drama. It’s important to let these people expend their own energy, rather than contributing your own.

There are a couple of ways you can avoid engaging:

1. Literally don’t engage – If you have the ability to walk away, block them, or simply not respond it takes the emotional strain off of you.

2. “The Gray Rock Method” – In this method, you simply make yourself as boring as you possibly can so that they don’t even want to engage with you further.

Tip #2: Do a Drama Detox

When your mind is engaged in what other people are doing, you’re not focused on your own mission and purpose.

Take a sharp look at your friends, social media, and interactions to determine where toxic energy is leaking into your own life. For empaths this can be difficult, because you might have to remove people from your life or set harsh boundaries.

Keep in mind: a drama-free life is totally worth having tough conversations.

Tip #3: Commit to the Things That Bring You Joy

The ultimate antidote to drama is to focus 100% of your attention on the things that you absolutely love doing. When you do that, you will begin to attract people that are interested in doing the same things as you.

Find the things that spark bliss inside you and commit to them in a big way. It will have ripple effects in your life that will eliminate drama and give you only positive things to focus on.

Tune in and let us know in the comments below which tips you’re going to put into practice.

We’re all gifted with the same 24 hours in a day.

The difference is how we spend it.

The actions we take each day decide if we move toward our dreams and desires or just fall flat.

Right now the world is changing, and even in the chaos, there’s opportunity.

Many of us are now working from home.

Many of us have businesses we want to get off the ground or take to the next level.

But that’s going to take us recommitting to our goals, managing our energy, and developing relentless focus.

Productivity is not about making your todo list longer or working more hours, it’s about becoming radically effective at the things that make a difference and removing the distractions and time-wasters.

We know what you’re capable of when you’re performing at your best.

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