“As empaths, we’re not here to be sponges or enablers. We’re here to be helpers, guides, and supporters.” —Aletheia Luna

Are you a highly sensitive person who constantly attracts people you’re trying to fix?

We’ve found that empaths often attract narcissists, which can turn into a soul-sucking cycle that will dim your light and keep you from living the life you deserve.

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing Why Empaths Attract Narcissists and How to Break the Toxic Cycle. If you’re someone who sucks at setting boundaries, this episode is for you!

Tune in to learn:

💜 How to tell if you are an empath

💜 Common traits of narcissists (and why they probably don’t know they are one)

💜 Why it’s so common for empaths to attract narcissists

💜 3 ways to break the toxic cycle

What is an Empath and What is a Narcissist?

An empath is someone who is extremely sensitive and feels other people’s feelings deeply. If you go into a place and take on someone else’s energies, you are probably an empath. 

Empaths also feel a deep need to help and nurture others, and often go into service-based or healing jobs.

Narcissism is a personality disorder where someone has an inflated sense of self. Narcissists are often quite charming and usually don’t recognize their harmful qualities.

Why Do Empaths Attract Narcissists?

Empaths are magnets for narcissists because they have a soul drive to heal and fix others. Narcissists don’t know they need to be fixed, but they are drawn to empaths because of their devotion. This creates a toxic, co-dependent relationship.

The Toxic Cycle

What we see happen in relationships between empaths and narcissists is that the narcissist first charms the empath, feeding into their desire for love and connection. Because of their inflated sense of self, the narcissist will eventually begin to tear down the empath, knowing where their weak spots are. The narcissist will eventually apologize and the empath will choose to take them back because of their desire to fix or heal others.

This cycle often continues for years until the empath is left as a hollow shell of the person they once were.

Tip #1: Set Better Boundaries

You have the power to decide what you’re willing to tolerate. Empaths don’t want to upset others so often end up as doormats.

If you want to break the toxic cycle, you have to draw a line in the sand and let your partner know where you stand.

Tip #2: Prioritize Yourself

Often in empath/narcissist relationships, the empath becomes so engrossing in “healing” the narcissist that they completely disregard their own self-care. 

Want to know if you’re in a healthy relationship? Start taking care of yourself and see what your partner does. Are they angry and resentful? Or supportive and loving?

Tip #3: Get Out Now

We say this with love, but the fact is, it can be nearly impossible to have a healthy relationship with a narcissist. 

You don’t want to end up with regrets down the road, so find support from friends and family and leave as soon as you can.

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Empaths are some of the most compassionate people. They are the first to lend a hand, be someone to lean on, and help someone in need. They’re our nurses, teachers, and caregivers.

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