“Resistance by definition is self-sabotage.”
― Steven Pressfield

We all know the self-sabotage deal. We talk ourselves out of things, make ourselves not feel worthy and even just spend way too long procrastinating before taking action.

Meanwhile, all those golden opportunities in life just pass us by. The worst sign of self-sabotage is perfectionism.

It affects us all and before we know it, we’ve managed to make ourselves feel not worthy and become a low energy mess. Trust us, we’ve coached 100’s of people and time and time again, perfectionism comes up as the number 1 cause of self-sabotage. 

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In this episode, we chat all about self-sabotage and the 3 main signs to watch out for. If you’re ready to stop seeking approval from others, this episode is for you!

Tune in to hear:

✨ Why self-sabotage is so important to overcome

✨ How to spot the signs and stop self-sabotage in its track

✨ Why your self-talk needs to improve

✨ How procrastination can make us miss out on opportunities

✨ How to overcome perfections – the worst sign of self-sabotage

3 Signs of Self-Sabotage

Sign 01. Self-Talk

We all are guilty of self-sabotaging through our own self-talk. We talk ourselves out of things, we say we’re not good enough and we even let it rule our actions and what we do. It’s time to stop the negative self-talk and make your self-talk immaculate.

Sign 02. Procrastination

If you’re spending way too much time thinking about every action that you take, you could be a victim of procrastination. We all do it but it’s important to keep it under control and with a lid on it. Stop allowing procrastination to rule what you do and begin to take action.

Sign 03. Perfectionism

One of the biggest self-sabotages that we all do is through perfectionism. We fear showing up and end up not feeling worthy. Stop trying to be a perfectionist and focus on just doing the best that you can do. 

If you’re struggling with Perfectionism, we have our most successful masterclass to date inside The Elevated Life Club available to watch for free now to help you overcome it.

Highlights from this episode:

3:52 How even making money can make people quit and self-sabotage 

4:45 How common that so many talented people can’t see how great they are because of their self-worth

5:10 Why self-awareness is tough but so necessary

6:20 How to change your story and your mindset including actions that you need to take

6:40 Why self-talk can affect what you do and the way that you show up

7:22 Reprogramming our self-talk, the monologue in our brain

10:30 How procrastination can cause major self-sabotage and how it shows up

11:00 Listen to the excuses and take a mental inventory

12:10 How the mind can side step and make the decisions for you

12:30 How taking an inventory can help and make that change, including reviewing your stories

12:57 The biggest sign of self-sabotage is perfectionism and how it can affect everything that you do

13:50 How perfectionism can stop us showing up and shining

14:21 Critical parents can make you a perfectionist

15:10 Why we should not say that we’re a perfectionist and what to say instead

16:50 How perfectionism can affect your self-care and other areas of your life

17:08 Why we decided to give free access to the Perfectionism Masterclass – the most successful training yet inside The Elevated Life Club

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