“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” ― Dean Koontz

It can be hard sometimes to tune into our intuition and to know if it’s our ego talking.

We all have an inbuilt lie detector that tells us whether what we’re hearing is the truth or BS, but we’re not ever taught how to use it properly.

We’ve got a clever little trick to show you how you can activate your internal lie detector radar.

Once you’ve locked this in, you can use this technique in any situation. You’ll be able to easily know when it’s your intuition vs your ego. You could even use this technique in the grocery store to see if you’re making the right choices for your body.

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we chat all about activating your internal lie detector and how you can use this to tap into your intuition.

Tune in to hear:

✨ The inbuilt internal truth detector that we all have

✨ How to easily switch it on and use it when needed

✨ Why you should always listen to your intuition

✨ How to follow your intuition and cultivate it

✨ How to see through BS and lies


How to Tell the Difference Between Ego vs Intuition

01. Start with a body scan

Find your relaxing space, get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. When ready, take 5 to 10 slow deep breaths and relax into each breath a little more. Only ever do this when you are relaxed and not stressed or anxious.

02. Say a True Statement

We are going to begin with saying a true statement out loud such as ‘The sky is blue’ or ‘My name is…’. Tune into your body and see how it resonates. Does it feel like a ’yes’ statement? What feelings are coming up for you? Notice where in your body that sits.

03. Say a False Statement

Now you have nailed what a true statement feels like, we are going to see how a false statement feels. Say a false statement out loud such as ‘The sky is purple’ etc. Where are you feeling that your body? Notice where that also sits.

04. Lock it In

To lock these feelings in, we are going to repeat this over and over again until the feeling locks in. Do this repeatedly until it really resonates with you and feels completely natural. Practice this regularly to get used to the feelings.

Highlights from this episode:

1:10 Why we should listen to our inner wisdom and follow our own path

1:42 Chris’s inner lie detection that manifests itself as a rash and what it’s like to have a visual inner lie detector 

2:30 Why you need to become your own best friend and know yourself inside out

2:55 What it’s like to ‘be in the feels’ and the positive effect it can have on your life

3:15 The technique that you can use to activate your inner lie detector and how to do it

5:00 How small the difference can be between ego and intuition and the feelings it creates in your body

6:10 Why you need to zone out fear and listen to the subtle stuff

6:52 How tuning in and listening can help your life

8:00 Asking your body the right questions and listening to it’s answer

8:10 How you can use this technique in all areas of your life

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How to Tell the Difference Between Ego vs Intuition


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