“Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded. —Buddha

Overthinking is something that we all do.

Our minds are complex and although often hives of creativity and inspiration, they can also be very efficient at overthinking. When we overthink too much, it can cause us to feel fatigue and exhaustion, which isn’t easy to manage or particularly helpful!

There are tools and techniques that you can do to help limit overthinking. By limiting and managing your overthinking, you can create new mindful habits that won’t be a burden to your productivity and wellbeing. Instead, it will create plenty of new space for buckets of inspiration and help you to lead with your heart, rather than your head. 

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing “3 Tips to Stop Overthinking.” If you’re struggling to quieten your mind or are an avid overthinker, these tips are going to help you stop overthinking so much.

In this episode, we talk about:

💜 How you can manage overthinking

💜 The physical effects of overthinking and how to avoid them

💜 Creating a new story that benefits you and your mind

💜 How to step away from your head space into your heart space

Tune in and let us know in the comments below which tips you’re going to put into practice.

1. Use and Exhaust the Physical Body

Workout your body later in the day so you’re too exhausted to even think. By working out your body, you are tiring out your unconscious too. If you are someone who workouts in the morning but are an overthinker by night, switch it up! Work out in the evening instead. Just start to move. Move your body, do it right now!

2. Limit your Overthinking

Don’t give away your power by giving too much energy and thoughts to something or someone that’s annoyed you. Give it 5 minutes of thought and then let it go. Avoid thought exhaustion. Overthinking can physically exhaust the body, as much as going on a long run! Limit the amount of time you spending thinking to avoid fatigue and exhaustion.

3. Stop Repeating your Story

Always repeat a positive story but stop repeating any negative or limiting stories. As you tell this story over and over again to other people and to yourself, you’re imprinting that story into your subconscious as the truth. Your story narrows the amount of doors of opportunity and perception that you have. 




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