“We live in a rainbow of chaos.” —Paul Cezanne

We’ve been finding balance in the chaos of grief and business building but we’re baaaack!

Wow, there’s been some changes around here; some sad and some great…

One of the main things that we’ve been dealing with since the end of Season 1 of the podcast is Brit’s dad passing. Processing and navigating that grief amidst trying to run multiple businesses and hosting a goddess retreat; it’s been an enlightening time for us that has called for balance and boundary setting.

We learn all these tools, have coaching and study courses, but when it comes to those difficult times, do you even remember everything that you’ve learned? There’s one thing for sure, having each other’s support has made this chaos slightly easier. Especially someone who is on the same journey as you.

In this first episode of Season 2 of The Elevated Life®, we chat all about grief (Brit literally breaks down on this one), behind the scenes of the goddess retreat and how we found balance during the chaos.

Tune in to hear:

✨ How we coped and processed with the loss of Brit’s dad and the wisdom he had to share at the end of his life

✨ The powerful healing transformations that took place at the Goddess Retreat

✨ How we found balance and kept ourselves grounded while still having to run multiple businesses

✨ What magic is to come in Season 2 of TEL podcast

3 Ways We Found the Balance During Chaos

01. Remember what you’ve learned

Whether it’s from an online course, a book you read or a coach that you’ve worked with, remember and use the tools you have.

02. Cut ties with any negativity

Know when to cut ties with a person or a situation that no longer serves you.

03. Let it go now

Don’t wait to let go or forgive, just let it go now and move on.

Highlights from this episode:

1:25 Reflecting on what’s happened and how we had to have to prioritize as well as adapt

2:30 How pain can stay with you if run away from it and why this isn’t a good idea

3:58 Why mother’s day was so hard for Brit this year

4:47 Where Brit’s life purpose and journey of helping women to Shine came from and the influence of Shine School without even realizing it until now

5:32 How having different beliefs with loved ones can coexist and love can still grow with no limits

6:22 Brit’s transformation and role change since her dad’s passing

7:43 How our empathy has grown even more than we could have imagined following this period of loss

9:28 “Stay in your own lane and focus on your next step”

10:08 Using all the tools to remain at peace during difficult times and how to focus

11:35 Why forgiveness is so important and how you should just let it go without delay

12:50 How to communicate with spirit and allow the space in your mind for it to be an open channel for them to enter

18:00 Moving forward and how the process of letting can go can help propel you ahead

18:13 “When the cup is empty, you can’t give”

18:52 The transformational effect of retreats and how the Goddess Retreat really helped us all heal after the grief. Also how Chris is now is totally convinced that retreats are awesome!

19:27 Hear just how powerful the retreat was and the magic that was created during that week including everyone’s biggest takeaway – connection

21:47 How Chris found yoga and how it helped him heal chronic pain, even though he wasn’t sure about the practice at first

25:35 Chris’s favorite part of the retreat and the transformations that he witnessed while there

28:00 The healing and magic that can happen when a group of like minded people come together

28:35 Hear about the positive changes that some of the goddesses made following the retreat and how their lives have changed forever

29:20 How anxiety is a mask for power and magic 

30:15 How being called crazy often by a partner or someone else can make you doubt your own beliefs

30:50 Details about the new Couples Retreat, which was created out of previous retreat attendees wanting to bring their partners along to be transformed too!

31:20 Why reaching out for help and investing in a team is the number one key to success

33:01 “Trust the process, you’re going to go through bad lemons”

33:34 Why some people just aren’t right for you and why it’s ok to to let someone go

34:52 Realizing that you can’t do it all and knowing when the right time to reach out for help is

35:44 What’s to come in Season 2 of The Elevated Life podcast

36:01 How to cultivate happiness and the tools that you need plus how listening to podcast (or joining The Elevated Life Club) can give you these

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